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Christians like violence.

Passions of the Christ: Extremely bloody and gore-filled.

The old testament is quite bloody and violent.


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Christians love violence. Passion of Christ is correct. What about the Crusades? That was pretty bloody. They like it so much that they cry for it.

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arataii(95) Disputed
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The passion of the Christ was about what happened to a Christ not what Christ did to other people. The Romans were violent and loved violence (for example, the Colosseum "games") and to the best of my knowledge, they weren't Christians and they were violent mainly towards Christians. And like I said, all Christians are different, some are violent some aren't.

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They are --for the most part-- peaceful people... it's the crazies that always make the headlines though which is why I think a lot of non-Christians have this notion of a violent Glenn-Beckesque image whenever they think of Christians.

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There is no "christian stereotype" they're all different and have different violence levels.

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