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 Christians, why dont you believe in Islam? (13)

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Christians, why dont you believe in Islam?

Replace 'Christians' and 'Islam' with any corresponding group or religion, as you please.
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I am not Hindu because because one God makes more sense to me.

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The main difference we seem to have is whether or not Jesus was the son of God. Christians claim that he is in fact part of the Holy Trinity (as both the Holy Spirit, God and Jesus being the same) Muslims on the other hand, continue to insist that God can't impregnate Mary to give birth to himself and then call himself his Son. Does that make any sense? Course, I am biased. I'm a Muslim but I attended a Catholic school.

There's more to it than that, the Quran is a very different book than the Bible, you have the six pillars, they have the ten commandments, and then you have the Sunni Shiaa divide, which makes things even more complicated. But yes, they're definitely pretty similar religions, despite what people say. And yes, you know all that, I just feel that they're worth mentioning.

But the point of this debate wasn't to debate the differences, I'm trying to find why people don't believe in other religions, and then ask them to apply the same logic to their own beliefs.


We are all atheists about most of the gods that societies have ever believed in. Some of us just go one god further.

- Richard Dawkins

Actually we have 5 pillars....................................................................

Hell yeah! I love that quote! Seriously one of my favorites. And it's so true.

Why choose your god when you had millions to pick from?

I just do not agree with many concepts of Christianity. I am not trying to debunk Christianity. I do not think that Jesus Christ (pbuh) is the son of God simply because he was virgin born. After all, Adam (pbuh) would have been a greater son of God by that logic. I don't like the idea of the Pope either. That is why I prefer protestant Christianity. But I will continue to respect them because I have no right what so ever to judge them.

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Here is a video on youtube from one of my favorite pastors who explains that Islam rejects Jesus as the Son of God. At first he talks about what is going on around the world and then he gets to the real point so you might want to fast forward it to where he gets to the point and this is actual documentation from the Quran what Jack Van Impe says.

Jack Van Impe--Islam Rejects Jesus is God Son 1 of 2

but this does not explain why you are Christian or am I missing something?

Srom(12206) Clarified
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The information in the video explains why I don't believe in Islam.

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Here is part two of the video. Tell what you think about it because this true information what he is talking about.

Jack Van Impe--Islam Rejects Jesus is God Son 2 of 2
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The simplest explanation would be upbringing. It's a statistical fact that people prefer the religious adherence of their social environment. Most Christians simply haven't been exposed to Islam to a great enough extent to consider it as an alternate possibility. However personal belief also plays a big role in that.

I don't accept Sharia Law that calls for the execution of homosexuals.