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Just a small thread to see what sort of Christian denominations are present here on this site, it may be interesting to find out the diversity of Christian beliefs here for later debates on theology. Please only start an argument if you're a Christian to say what denomination you are and your take on Christianity, I've no wish for atheists to clog up this debate by outlining their unbelief, while I feel your opinions are valid they are not necessary in this debate. However if a Christian does post something about their faith which you believe to be immoral or contradictory, then anyone (of any belief) can dispute them. Some denominations I've heard of but know very little about, like the calvanists.
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I'm a Protestant, I believe in the teachings of Christianity and the Bible, however I do not agree with the Papacy and their take on things.

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I am just a Biblical Christian. I worship God, not labels. .

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I'm an Anglican, Church of England. It's basically a protestant institution.

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Darn it, I thought this was going to be an advertisement for an actual church I could get behind, I guess I will have to keep looking.

Raised Lutheran, but do not care for organized religions.

Im Christian except i dont believe anything that is in the bible including God .

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Says atheists shouldn't post on here, but what about people like me who don't profess to believe in Christ etc, but still subscribe to some form of 'faith' or religion?

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I'm mainly concerned about Christian orientated theology. But seeing the lack of results I shall open up this debate for a multi-faith discussion.