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Circuit City filing for bankruptcy; a sign of a *really* bad economy?


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While Circuit City might be the second largest electronics store in the country, I have to admit that I was not surprised it was going out of business! Every time I go into one of their stores, it is dirty, the staff is poorly informed, they have poor selection of products, I can never understand where the check out line is, and the prices were never that great... with all of those problems of course it was going to fall to online shopping and to Best Buy! I don't think that this is a sign of a bad economy, but more a correction in the market place. You have to provide a quality selection, product, and service for a good price... or you will not be around any more!

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It's just the sign of a poorly-managed company (or one with no real market left).

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Circuit City was always over priced and I rarely went into the store due to the extreme pricing and the poor service of their staff.

Poor service and ridiculous prices = going out of business when people don't have money.

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