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We should expect the worst. Nothing will likely happen.
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Cities are preparing for the possible fallout of the Chauvin trial verdict.

A recent Forbes article on the process that several cities are going through right now.
It appears that more than a few cities are gearing up for the worst of the storm to come. Riots have been running nearly non-stop for the last few weeks, and they've only gotten worse in most cases. Over two dozen people have died, property damage in the excess of hundreds of millions has been done, and now we have direct confirmation that not only police, but national guard personnel have been attacked. As was evident from this drive-by that was witnessed in the last few days.

It does not help that the current media apparatus is far too willing to capitulate to these people. Nor is it good that politicians are far too willing to throw their hat in on the side of the rioters/protestors as well. Seeing as we've just recently had both Biden and Maxine Waters chime in, doing more to escalate the problem than most would want. Worst being, is that many people who remain outspoken about the Chauvin/Floyd case, still believe information about the case that just isn't true. Thanks in part to how the media has done nothing to cover the full breath of the trials evidence.

Worst of all of this was Maxine Waters coming out and making such a direct statement about the trial. Saying that Chauvin should be found guilty of murder 1, which is a charge that isn't even being put against him. Not only that, but stating that protestors should get more confrontational if Chauvin isn't found guilty. Is probably one of the most irresponsible things I've seen a politician say in a very long time. With the Judge stating that her comments could allow the defense to either call for appeal, and be justified. As the statement on Maxine's part could count as witness tampering.

Now cities are preparing, preparing for the outright violence that could follow in the wake of the Chauvin trial.
What are your thoughts on this issue?

We should expect the worst.

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Nothing will likely happen.

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Well, it looks as though most of us knew what was going to happen. The jury was intimidated and the authorities are still capitulating to the terrorist. But now we can see that none of it worked to stop the protest, as people are still taking to the streets and the media is till going to protect them. City centers from downtown Chicago to up state Minneapolis, still have groups protesting and causing issues for the local populace.


You do not give the terrorist what they want, because doing so only emboldens them to do more.

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excon(15049) Disputed
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The jury was intimidated and the authorities are still capitulating to the terrorist.

Hello Dr:

I don't understand how you soooo fundamentally misunderstand what is going on around you..

Then I saw Tucker on FOX, and it all became clear..

Bwa, ha ha ha ha haa..


Side: Nothing will likely happen.
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I didn't bring up Tucker, or Fox. So it's good to see that your argument is so weak that you need to try and detract from the actual topic.


You should really learn to think before posting.

Because I'm talking about direct Juror interviews in this matter.

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In these cases the murder of innocent civilians and law enforcement personnel by blacks is glibly assigned to the collateral damage file.

The question is now that the blacks can see how their murderous and riotous hooliganism can affect the legal process will they extend their deadly and destructive terrorist activities to other trials of black suspects in order to secure what they deem to be a satisfactory outcome?

There is no doubt that the blacks had amassed a substantial stockpile of deadly weapons with which to murder and wreck havoc on our towns and cities.

Undoubtedly they are stashing these for future conflicts.

Side: We should expect the worst.
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Had Chauvin been found innocent, or even guilty of the lesser, and more accurate charge of unlawful killing we can be certain that mass murder, wanton destructive rioting and looting by protesting blacks would have followed as sure as day follows night.

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