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All Violent Video Games Should Be Banned (Taken away)

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I believe that it depends on each family's opinion and how they want to raise their kids, if you believe that your child should not play violent video games then banned them from your house. Every single person has a different opinion, and they all should be respected it depends on your living space and personal opinion. I think they should not be banned, but they should ask for parental consent, it will help every family to know what their kids are playing.

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I don't believe that violent videogames should be banned because in Call of Duty there is more than 85 million users right now, so if it gets banned people could act violently to the company in which they had banned the game, also most of the popular games, or big company ones, mostly all are violent, also the number of users in other games are more than 70 million if they erase those videogames, they can get company problems with their companies who probably in some years they might create a game or app together, but how they ruined that companies economy they aren't going to accept.

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In my opinion Violent video games should not be banned because some people like it. People think it affects people because they think that kids learn from that. Yes I agree it has some bad things but it's just a game.

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Violent videogames should not be banned, Because not all of them influence one's behavior. It's just a source of entertainment, It's very rare to see someone saying they're gonna be a thief or a drug dealer. Most violent video games are what make games interesting. You don't just want to play only pokemon or other kid friendly games. Violent videogames are what makes gaming interesting.

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I believe that deleting and/or banning violent video games will do more damage than anything. I take what happened in Cali a few days ago that humans react badly when they restrict them from what they believe are their rights. I, myself, think that one of my rights is to be able to have things of my own including any type of game. I agree that some people get carried away by violent video games but only because of that it doesn't mean we will all react like that. I believe that it shouldn't be banned due to others reactions, because I know that other people can still learn to have balance between real life and video games.

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I believe that violent video games should be banned because, by killing people and the images that the video game show, some are harsh, and not appropriate for someone's age. Also I think that the violent video game can give crazy thoughts to people.

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My first reason is because the violent video games not be banned because you can played with timer or something because if you controlled the time and you don't go so in. the game is safe and if you are being on controlled with the game you only dont played ore because thas why the parents are they can say you if you are so adict and they stop you.

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I honestly do not belive that violent videogames should be baned by many reasons. For the issues of influences of the videogame there is age rating like ESRB and PEGI which tell the age of the video game on their websites and on the game caset. Some of the issues of the violent video game are because of the Parents of the gamer because of they dont pay attention to what the games is about or what the kid/teenager is playing.

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I don't believe that we should ban violent videogames because there are some people that enjoy them, people will get less views in YouTube because they are known for them, and there are lots of comunities that play this games and they might even get really mad that they banned their favorite games etc.

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Why? I am willing to consider your case, but I lean towards banning, violent anything. There is no reason to teach violence to young chinldren,, and with neuropsychiatric disorders on the alleged inrease, we do not need, to combine, the two, do you see, what I am saying? Let me know, if you need statistics, and information.

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In my opinion violent video games should all not be banned. I think violent video games that have to do with guns should be banned but punching and boxing video games should not be banned.

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I belive that all violent video games should be banned

I don't belive violent videos should be banned,

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I think that violent games are fine with people that do not at like some people that do things that happens in video games

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I think the violent video games should be taken off because now persons when the grow up become violent and can learn from that video games so they shouldn't be made and should be taken off the world.

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I don't agree with people trying to take away violent video games because those video games are meant for mature audiences and mature people should be the ones playing.

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i think they shoudent ban the games because are fun and its not fair to let most of the gamer population without theyr favorite games

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I think that video games chould be banned becuase people could sochilese more, get more air and also because people could spend more time playing with other things than teghnology.

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novideo games don,t have to be banned because kids and adults by them alot so many companys will lose alot of money sores will get shut so for example if is a really violent game there is like a parental control if some body that is using it like can,t play that game

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