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Climate change protesters leave areas trashed out looking like a dump


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Any pics?? Putting it all in one place to be picked up later .. if they can get some capitalist to supply a truck or two, seems like a reasonable thing to do.

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Chinaman(2471) Clarified
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Media has no pics of facts. Like reasonable is not reasonable in that world.

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Climate change extremists have a problem when it rains hard and they can not get their welfare checks.

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AlofRI(2858) Clarified
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CONGRATULATIONS! FW! You are getting younger by the day! (Wish I had that problem ;-). Trouble is, you've reached the juvenile stage, and that's where common sense is often lacking :-)! THAT IS a problem, especially when it's "extreme" ;-)

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FromWithin(8239) Clarified
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You clearly do not have the problem of getting younger.

You are showing signs of dementia, Alzheimer, mental stress, on a daily basis.

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