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Clinton Lynch emails released by FBI. What say you?

Friday afternoon, the FBI released a 29-page document containing Justice Department emails regarding the infamous meeting on the tarmac in Phoenix between then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton just days before FBI Director James Comey gave his much-criticized announcement that he would not press for charges against Secretary of State Hillary Clinton over her "extreme carelessness" in handling classified material.

The emails, spanning from July 1-3, 2016, contain correspondence among various DOJ officials to the leaking of the impromptu 30-minute meeting between Lynch and Clinton that the AG insists was merely a personal chat about their grandchildren and recent travels, but what many continue to suspect had something to do with the ongoing investigation of then-presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. Comey's press conference in which he announced that he would not request Lynch to pursue charges was on July 5.

The emails appear to contain no bombshells, but do show that members of the department were outraged over the "secret" meeting getting leaked to the press and considering ramping up measures to prevent future leaks. Some of the correspondence, including about how to handle the fallout from the leaked meeting, are redacted.

The emails include correspondence from FBI agent Peter Strzok, whom special counsel Robert Mueller removed from his investigation this summer due to Strzok's overt anti-Donald Trump bias. Strzok was a central figure in not only the Clinton investigation, but also in the investigation into the unverified, salacious Russian dossier and Trump's associates. Strzok also reportedly played key role in softening Comey's statement on Hillary Clinton. Comey and Deputy Director Andrew McCabe are also among the officials featured in the emails.

The Washington Free Beacon's Katie Pavloch provides a summary of the emails' content:

A series of emails show one FBI official, whose name and email are redacted, fuming over leaks to the media about the meeting and what happened on the tarmac. The official received an email from a "layman" alleging a local Phoenix police officer who may have talked to a reporter "sounds like a security threat." Officials went back and forth about finding out if the officer was SWAT or simply worked the motorcade and that "at a minimum" he should never work another detail again. One asked if local law enforcement assisting the FBI on motorcades should sign non-disclosure agreements in the future. Another official called an Observer article about the meeting, with details about how President Clinton got to Lynch's private plane, "infuriating."



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• Democrats support no restriction abortions!

• but her emails!

• Hogwash!

• Jesus love're going to burn in hell!

• You fools!

• You spew lies and deception as always!

• Anti-Christian bigots!

• Republicans can do no wrong!

• Democrats can do no right!

• I masturbate to Donald Trump!


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Hello bront:

OMG!!! Hillary DID that??? She should be JAILED before she does it AGAIN..

What's that?? She CAN'T do it again, cause she's a washed up loser politician with NO power?? Does bront know?? Oh, it's you... DUDE!


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Your anti banana republic stance insures that no President can ever be convicted of anything. They are "above the law". Now that it's Trump, your anti banana republic stance is in your way, eh Con?

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The FBI was more concerned that it got out to the public than the impropriety of the meeting. Also, since when is the FBI/DOJ upset about leaks? There's been so much of that going on since Trump came into office they ought do commercials for Depends.

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I really don't care.

If there was something there, I wouldn't shed a single tear as they cuffed her- but I didn't expect a damn thing. Is she a criminal? Likely. Are the republicans barking up the wrong tree? As always. What she's actually guilty of, they do on a daily basis - it's called selling out the nation.

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It is not my place to say this or that about it.

The FBI are investigating and it is their business.

It is like asking to a child what he/she thinks of the PTA meeting as his/her school. It is not their place to say this or that, they must accept the verdict and adapt to the outcome.

We don't know how much they HAVE NOT revealed as they are never obligated to say if there is more or not.

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Then how about you grab your ankles and get ready for that liberal rooster to be stuck in your hole...I mean mouth...

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