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Clinton to use executive order to kill the 2nd Amendment

Per wikileaks, we now know Hillary Clinton plans on using executive order to rid us of our 2nd Amendment rights.

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Thanks for getting the actual facts out there to all these liars who live in their biased world of denial to what Democrats are trying to do to our freedoms.

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It said she would support using the executive order to close the gun show loophole - something comparable to, if not exactly, what Obama already did nearly a year ago - and a policy the vast majority of Americans and gun owners agree with.

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Executive Orders cannot override Constitutional Amendments.......................................

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Well then you're screwed. She is going to be President...............................................

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Let's hope it works. God knows republicans won't let anything good for the American people through congress unless it also helps their donors, which include gun manufacturers. There are too many guns and not enough brains in this country. Hopefully Hillary will restore the balance.

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You can not override the Constitution with a bill, executive order, law, or anything else for that. The Constitution will need amended and it has only been amended i believe 18 times in the last 200 years.

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JustIgnoreMe(4334) Clarified
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it has only been amended i believe 18 times in the last 200 years.

for future reference it's 15.

Amendments 1 through 12 passed more than 200 years ago.

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i did say i believe. But thanks for statics! ! !

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Total RW propaganda intended to scare the crap out of FOX and Breitbart brainwashed conservatives! Can't be done any more than 80% of the crap Trump has promised to do. Even HE (or she) ... unless they become a Putin type, authoritarian dictator.....have to go through Congress and the Senate. Ain't gonna happen!

By the way. How many Russians are allowed to have guns?? I would worry more about Trump engaging in the "Art of the Deal" with Putin .... who could make Trump the second richest man in the world with a sweet "real estate deal" (called America)! After all, he knows how to work the system!

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