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Cloning dinosaurs?

Would it be good to clone dinosaurs?


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No it would be an awful idea to clone a dinosaur because if it gets loose from a lab it woul eat us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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TERMINATOR(6778) Disputed
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Is it not possible to genetically modify it to make it tame?

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It indefinitely is possible, however to locate, analyze, understand and impose the gene that makes a semi-recessive personality would cost billions of dollars and take decades. It would be a terrible waste of time. Also, changing an animal's natural instincts would obstruct observations of their "God given" behaviour.

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WB40(238) Disputed
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No it is in there DNA to hunt and kill! It wouldn't be possible to genetically alter there behavior.

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rob0915(59) Disputed
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It would be truly fascinating to clone herbivorous dinosaurs first, observe how they react and then proceed with cloning carnivores. However there are many issues with cloning extinct organisms; for one, where on God's green Earth would you house them?

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