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 Coke vs Pepsi (13)

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Coke vs Pepsi

so classic its ridiculous
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I'm a coke man (diet) most often.
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I love Diet Coke. Personally, I think the best thing to do with it is drink it. Although, there is a close second best thing to do with it (see video).
Diet Coke & Mentos (the finale is amazing)
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Just for this debate I will change my profile pic. COKE LIGHT
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only coke light
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Coke is best....but I'll still buy Diet Pepsi if it is on sale.
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I'm a diet Pepsi addict. Diet Coke has jsut way too much of a blech aftertaste.
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Actually Mountaindew (Regular Dew) is the best Pop out there. In case you are wondering what POP is, its Soda just another name from the North.
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Mountain Dew is definitely the best. I love the caffeine high that I get after crushing a nice cold Dew, it keeps me going for hours!
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Pepsi all the way, I refuse to even drink coke. It dries out my mouth and tastes awful!
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It's been proven that they taste about the same. Preferences are mostly caused by advertising.
Supporting Evidence: Here's the study. (

I prefer Pepsi because it has a sweeter taste and sometimes Coke tastes flat to me.

I rather choose Pepsi as the taste is way better than coke and it is less gassy...

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Pepsi is way sweeter, blech. Or maybe I'm just a sucker for icy cold Coke commercials. Either way, I think I can pick out Diet Coke in a taste and it's the winner for me every time.