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College Football Playoffs

There has been a lot of talk about getting rid of the whole BCS system and having a college football playoff.  What is your position on the matter?


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Yes, today college football is based upon your ranking in order for you to get in a college championship game,this is not fair. Take USC for example, they themselves are in a weak conference and have the most money for recruiting in the country. But if some podunk city has a magnificent college team in the same league and have the toughest schedule in the country and dont, lose, is it fair that they shouldnt get a chance at the national title because they started the season unranked. Another team is USF, two years ago, came to the spotlight as this big underdog who had won every game on their difficult schedule but didnt recieve any recognition for their season until the end of the year, when they barely cracked the ranking. Thats why there should be 32 team playoff at least with analysts, deciding who gets in, thats their job, dont leave it in the hands of the BCS because they still have their heads up their butts since they keep putting USC in the championship and they get spanked three years in a row.

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The problem is how you determine the best teams. The BCS at least has a system.

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I set this up to see how other people felt on the issue. I agree that the NCAA should keep the BCS, even though its system has flays and some teams will keep getting screwed over.

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I am not sure what a flay is. :)

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