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 Comment on my debate and I'll do a TBH thing. I'm bored... (93)

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Comment on my debate and I'll do a TBH thing. I'm bored...

If you don't like me doing this then an easy way to deal with it is simply disregard this :)


I'm bored, and I know people always want to know what others think of them ^_^

And if you want, you can do one back :)

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How did I know this was a Saurbaby debate?

2 points

:) Because I'm awesome? lol And if I give people attention they usually give some back? I get bored often? Take your pick. lol Plus I just got off work and am seriously in a good mood ^_^ So not anywhere near going to sleep.

Let's see, thoughts on liber... Hmm.

I enjoy your arguments, you're one of the people who I'm glad comes on regularly even when we're slow. Plus, you joke around, witch makes you awesome too ;)

2 points

Okay, why the hell not.

1 point

You're one of the newer users that I like. One of the very few. lol You seem to have an extremely level head on your shoulders, and you always are nice to everyone. You're not serious all the time, which I appreciate, but you put in a good effort in debates that are serious.

2 points

What's a 'TBH thing'?

2 points

Ok, how about me. Not fishing for anything specific, just the cold hard facts.

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^_^ I was so hoping you'd comment when I saw you were online.

I seriously have SO much respect for you Andy. I'm so thankful that you stepped up to take over the site. I've been on other sites before and had NO idea who the admin was. I love that you're so active, and always willing to take suggestion. You listen to our complaints, and do something about them if you can. I love that you let me make the videos, but not in a controlling way. You let us do what we want and don't try to silence anyone, unless they're harassing others. The only negative thing I have to say is I really wish you'd debate more! I understand why you'd want to stay somewhat neutral, but it makes me think you can't have fun on your own site!

But really, you're one of my favorite people on the site that keep me coming.

2 points

Thanks for the compliments and feedback. Frankly you are right, I don't debate enough on the site. At first, I was not active nearly enough. Over the past few months I have really tried to be more attentive to what is going on. The other day I read an article on why fell from grace. It was really surprizing. There were two BIG factors about one thing...USERS! So the areticle proceeded to say Digg died because they didn't listen to users, and didn't remeber who helped grow the site form the beginning. I will try never to let that happen. If you are anybody else feels that is happening, please let me know. Even if the site grows rapidly, I have plans for how I can protect the current world for those users who helped grow it to what it is today as they may not like what the mainstream site becomes in the future.

And yes, I will debate more...but I try to keep out of the really heated arguments.


1 point

Oh, and you let me and Joe joke around all we want X) You take humor in with a laugh.


1 point

Okay, honestly you tend to annoy me. I can't really put my finger on why, I mean you seem like an okay kid, but at the same time there's just something... Sorry, just being honest ^_^ I don't really have a problem with you.

sonicfreak81(137) Clarified
2 points

ehh, cant be mad at u for ur own personal opinion( which im not :) ) but thnx! now i know, so i'll turn the "annoying" level down to 0! ( my pure happiness is what bothers lots of people for some reason, so maybe thats why!)

2 points

Since you didn't name me in the users you like, I assume you either don't like me or don't know me? =p

1 point

I've seen you around, but I don't really know you that well...

You seem pretty cool, but then again, like I said not well. I'm sorry! >__<

Your profile picture is awesome though!

2 points

Aw that's okay I don't know you too much either.

I'm just glad you don't dislike me. :D

2 points

Ok Go !

1 point

I don't remember anything specific about you, I know that I like you, but don't know why. X) That makes sense in my head, and it's a good thing for you. lol

2 points

I was expecting something come across as don't joke around take yourself too seriously.....and you are just generally boring.

Now to me you seem light hearted and polite, not as contentious as I would expect from someone who frequents a debate site. I don't think you have a mean bone in your body, but you probably need one. Actually that last part is just baseless speculation.

; )

2 points

Joe... Oh, Joe.

YOU are my partner in crime ;)

I can always count on you for a laugh when I'm down. I can always count on you to never take me seriously. Though beneath all that funny I generally feel like if I wanted to talk, you would be someone to talk to. Not that I'd ever bother you like that, but I think you'd give a sympathetic ear.

You are Uncle Joe. You are one of my favorites. You joke around more than anyone, and I love it. ;)

2 points

Oh Oh Oh Do me, oh please do me .

1 point

I am SO done clicking on your links >__< lol They make me so confused D:

Anyway! You are actually, kind of secretly because I don't mention you much, one of my favorite users. You debate well, and you make me laugh a lot, or with your gifs, shake my head ^_^

ricedaragh(2498) Clarified
1 point

I am SO done clicking on your links >__< lol They make me so confused D:

Yea, but you'll still click on them, probably out of morbid curiosity for what devilment may lay behind those innocuous blue letters.

Anyway! You are actually, kind of secretly because I don't mention you much, one of my favorite users

Yay Me!

You debate well, and you make me laugh a lot,


or with your gifs, shake my head ^_^

How about this one

2 points

Sure, I might try some of this attention whoring stuff .

1 point

Don't dare you try taking away my title!

<.< Wait... What?

lol Chuck, you are so up on my favorites list. You're in the top three. And there's a great reason for that. You surprise me, you're incredibly smart, especially for your age. You're quick-witted, something useful in debates and while making jokes. And when you do make a serious debate, they're usually interesting to me, for example when you tried to argue being a theist. I love that you do things like that. And I don't care who wins the award, YOU are MY favorite newcomer.

2 points

TBH? I haven't heard of that acronym before.

To Be Honest .

1 point

Well, it could be The Bouncy Hippo. Just find a word that begins with 't', another that begins with 'b' and another beginning with 'h' and string them together.

It usually makes the most sense if the first word is a definite article: 'the'.

The second word is an adjective and the third word is a noun.

1 point

Axmeister, I see it's already been explained to you, and since you commented on the debate I'll do one.

I very rarely agree with you it seems, but I still really like you. You're one of the people who I think makes the site how it is. You're very serious, but not in a way that you get easily offended. And you hate America. :)

1 point

How generous of you, I originally thought that you would go around telling everyone how much they suck and so on (as I've often heard other people do when starting a sentance with "to be honest"...) but you've given everyone a lot of compliments.

Recently I've been trying to tone down on the hating America thing as I've met many decent Americans on this site, but it's difficult to give up a hobby I've enjoyed for so long.

Yep, might as well see what people think about me.

1 point

You I tend to lump together with Apollo, and Chuck. Not in a bad way, but I remember you all showing up around the same time.

I like you, you're a GREAT debater, and you joke around a little too. You seem pretty laid back, while at the same time standing by your opinions firmly.

1 point

Go for it, Saurbaby - can't see it being good, though.

1 point

Well, ignoring the fact that I honestly think Hellno is right and you have puppet accounts to makes yourself look better, because I can't prove it....

I get annoyed with your useless debates such as "Dollar VS Euro". But I shouldn't be talking, look at this debate X)

When you actually are debating in a Serious debate you do fairly well, you hold your own at least. I don't really have any other opinion on you.

Fishing . . . . .

1 point

Chad, you are one of my favorites actually. ^_^ I can't recall why right now, but you are lol

You are an amusing person

im totally new to this site, i literally just joined. but from this, try to see if you can guess my personality.

3 points

Evil and mean as a rattlesnake??? Am I close?

LoveStargirl(496) Clarified
1 point

not really.......................................................................?

1 point

Happy-go-lucky ?

yes. good guess. one of my fav chracters in the book.but yes, me and star have a lot in common, kinda.

1 point

Based on the fact your username and profile picture is from a book I read in middle school, I imagine you're young?

yes,yes,yes, and yes! oh, and another yes! another great guess.!!!

1 point

I'd be far too afraid to comment on your debate.... I can't handle the truth!!

1 point

Yep! Excellent movie! Jack is the best.

1 point

Yet you still did.

You're one of the first people that I think of when I think of my beginning on CD. You're one of my favorite people now too.

You're a hilarious guy, even if you are googly eyed ;)

1 point

I believe the exact quote was "googly ass eyed mother f#cker". Hehe! Too bad JellyPeach was banned....

I'll take a shot, though I have to say I'm probably not up to speed with the community here as much as I could be.

2 points

You're sweet :) I wish I talked to you more while you were more active.

And I once saw your debate about MtG. A game I play with my friends. So you're a nerd, which is always a good thing ^_^

2 points

Magic the Gathering? respect increase

Your reply gave me such d'awws! Ha ha.

You are a nerd to? This pleases me. I should come here more often now that it's obvious I have something in common with at least someone here.

You psyched for Return to Ravnica in October?

1 point

What do you think of me? Its probably not going to be anything positive I bet.

2 points

You're a kid, and I don't mean just by your age, I mean mentally as well.

You're nice.

You're also oblivious to logic. And though there's no proof that you have more than one account, there is proof that you plagiarized. Which is a HUGE error in my book since I want to be a writer.

You're nice, but you're just a kid still.

4 points

I am going to officially stop plagiarizing and start using my own words instead of someone elses words instead of my own.

To tell you the truth I did plagiarize but I got it from a book not the internet.

1 point

I agree with Saurbaby's assessment. You know I no longer think you have multiple accounts... you were a victim of that scam just like the rest of us. As for the plagiarizing... you need to stop that. It's perfectly okay to copy and paste from a web-site to make your case, just acknowledge that you did it... simply copy and paste the link.

1 point

I am glad that you stopped saying that I have multiple accounts. I have more respect for you now. I know I need to stop plagiarizing and start using my own words instead of someone's Else's words.

I will try to do that next time instead of plagiarizing.

1 point

Lets have a go then :D................................................

... Party!!!!!!!!!!!

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