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 Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget Report on Presidential Policy Price Tag (2)

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Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget Report on Presidential Policy Price Tag

The non-partisan Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget recently released an [analysis]( of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump's policy platform and the fiscal impact they would have on this country.

They find that Hillary Clinton's policies $200 billion over a decade above current laws in place, while Donald Trump's would add $5.3 trillion.

What is your take on this analysis?

P.S.: If you are going to question the validity of the analysis, please *read it* beforehand. 
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Quite simply Trump's plans to give massive tax breaks to the rich result in massive shortfalls which would result in massive debt increases. Sounds about right.

Folks, effective government is not as simple as one solution to work for all time. If the answer was always cut taxes for the rich and watch a trickle down miracle then every successful nation in this world would simply do that and live happily ever after. There are times to cut taxes. Indeed there are times to cut taxes on specific groups, including the rich. But it is not the answer for everything. And at a time when the 1% control the vast majority while the 99% struggle, taking the advice of a 1% candidate to give the biggest tax breaks to the rich ever is just about the dumbest thing you can do. And insulting liberals or independents and repeating the ideology of conservatism simply doesn't answer what this bipartisan committee report shows you.

IAmSparticus(1516) Clarified
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You leave out that said tax breaks would coincide with massive government expenditures. Never understood the "increase spending, decrease income" field of economics.

Grenache(6057) Clarified
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Fair enough but I don't doubt for a second that a Trump full of promises means a bunch of spending.