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Community Service: Discuss what you have or would like to engage in (if anything)

Community Service: Discuss what you have or would like to engage in (if anything)


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I have been elected at the administration council of my university, and I am currently working on "building" a free lawyier clinic for students.

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Excellent, a good resource for students .

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I have enough land that my husband and I have talked about inviting schools to have a community garden on our property where they can be taught to grow veggies and fruits and then can care for them, ultimately bringing their harvest home. We've also discussed working with the local YMCA to invite children in to do the same if they are at risk for hunger. The problems we come across are legal and location. While we have the land, some of it is in a flood zone so we do have to worry about building raised beds....which we can do but the cost and potential loss plus the heartbreak the kids would have are troubling.

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I volunteer at an animal shelter and donate $, help with adoptions, and foster sick/underweight animals.

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The organising and management of a properly funded coastal clean up project, combined with a public anti-litter awareness programme.

Any such programme should include lawful and peaceful protests against the overuse of plastic products and packaging.

Human generated waste, especially plastic in all it's forms is choking our seas and oceans with the inevitable death of marine life.

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Has anyone considered (or participated in);

(A) Big Brother/Big Sister

(B) Volunteer Tutoring

(C) Giving Blood (on a more regular basis)

(D) Red Cross

(E) Firehouse

(F) Food Bank

(G) Library Reading Group (leader, generally to kids i.e. reading to kids)

(H) Volunteer Teaching

(I) School functions

(J) others... ect. ect.

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A) I have two younger sisters Charlotte and NoƩmie, dunno if that was what you meant ^^

B) I taught basic english and latin to kids, and advanced french to adults

C) I gave blood a year and a half ago, and apparently my blood has an unusual quantity of platelets so every 3 or 4 months they call me to give blood and offer me a meal

G) In highschool I made a story telling group, I couldnt read books to them because since it was a catholic school I would have had every book to be approved by the school and it would have taken an eternity to get the group going

I) I am on the administration council, most of my job consists of stopping the pseudo communist group

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Thanks for input as well as your active participation in helping your community

A) In the US, there is a program called 'Big Brother/Big Sister' where a person will be matched with a kid some years younger then them, and then do activities together such as bowling, hiking, basketball, carnival, movie, ect. ect. It is really great for kids who do not have such an influence in their life (i.e. if they have a single parent, it can provide a partial substitute for social bonding/role model of the other gender, ect)

B) Excellent--I have friends that went and taught English in other countries for a 1-2 years.

Great, we need more people like you willing to get productively engaged in the community in activities they enjoy or otherwise are qualified in.

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