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Computer VS. Tv

Which one is better??


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Personally, I support “computer”. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy my television, but able to do an expansion of activities on my computer that are not yet available on my television. For example, I love to learn and the computer aids in looking up information to satisfy that curiosity. I enjoy conversation and it is quite one sided with my television. I love taking photos of my family and then scrapbooking and digital art; can’t do that yet with my television. I webcam and instant message on my computer family and friends that live far away from myself. Ultimately, my television is just to watch movies and I can accomplish that and more on my computer.

Though.. I don’t doubt that there will come a time when the television technology reaches that of the computer.

Side: computer

Since I own a Sony 70 inch TV, I like to see my entertainment on the big screen.

Side: Tv