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Excon says so Their beauty is amazing
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Confederate statues are art

Confederate statues are art. Excon says that just because the person depicted by the statue was evil or painted negatively by history, that doesn't take away from the beauty of the statue.


Excon: "It's Lenin and it's a BEAUTIFUL statue, but because of ART, not POLITICS.. "

Excon says so

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Their beauty is amazing

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No doubt about that. And they should be in museums where they belong, just so we don't forget our mistakes.

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And they should be in museums where they belong

Hello Jugs:

What HE said.


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Okay. Now put the Marxist statues in museums where they belong.

Since 1995 the statue has been held in trust waiting for a buyer, standing on temporary display for the last 24 years on a prominent street corner in the Fremont neighborhood of Seattle.,_Seattle

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