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Constant media attacks on Trump are and will backfire?



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Trump is just getting that much more motive to screw over the liberal sided media. It is just a matter of time before an executive bill goes into place. If I where trump I would buy the dumb ass liberal media. And liquidate it than sell it back at a great discount.

The media only attacks trump because they nor anyone else can not control him. If they could control him their would be no issue. But Trump is not taking bribes from the liberals or the republicans so the liberals just attack him.

I feel safer with a president that won't bend over backwards to please everyone. I feel safer with a president that does not take bribes to put in play new laws or to have prisoners released.

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• Democrats support no restriction abortions!

• ...but her emails!

• Hogwash!

• Jesus love're going to burn in hell!

• You fools!

• You spew lies and deception as always!

• Anti-Christian bigots!

• Republicans can do no wrong!

• Democrats can do no right!

• I masturbate to Donald Trump!


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Hey Bot. Wanna hold hands? Wanna snuggle? I know you do you kinky sack of corn...

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Hello bront:

What's WORSE for the country is Trump's attack ON the media... And, while I'm at it, when Trump attacks the FBI, the country LOSES, too.. How is it, that this DUNCE of a president doesn't know that??

How is it that YOU don't know that?? I thought right wingers LOVED the Constitution.. No, huh???


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I want to stay informed. What you call attacks, I see as healthy disgust.

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