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Convicted child abusers should be forcefully sterilized.

I agree.

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I disagree.

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Yes, I would agree. The site below outlines everything on child abuse. And it also brings up some horrifying numbers. Number I wish I could make 0. But since I am not a God I have no control over what happens or those numbers. But from my view I can only see the number go up every year unfortunately. I am against any type of child abuse. And if I had any control over what would happen to such scum of the earth they would wish they would of never seen that girls vagina and fucked it or that boys penis and fucked him. I would put scum like this in a chamber that makes their life a living hell for the way they made those kids feel. I would torture such scum. Child abusers are not humans their the off spring of satin and should be treated as such. Child abusers are nothing but a black betting heart with a selfish brain with no thought or even emotion towards others. They want the high and the feeling of such things. I might sound like I have hate for such people because I do. I have tons of hate towards anyone of any age that preys on kids.

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Atrag(5553) Clarified
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I don't think many are seriously adovcating sterilisation as a punishment for child sexual offenders. It is a preventive measure and something that is often do voluntarily.

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GoodListener(625) Clarified
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The reason the number isn't 0 is that too many people value their privacy. If we could film people inside their homes then child abuse would stop.

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So... when you posted those photos of naked unborn children.. was your sterilisation state mandated or did you choose it do it yourself?

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The Democrat Party wants to protect Pedophiles by adding them to their hate crime's list.

This is how Politically correct extreme the Left has become.

All a group has to do is claim they were born that way, and voila, it's not their choice. So the logic goes, if they were born that way, how can we punish them or say it is wrong? How can we descriminate against them?

This is the same logic with all the LGBTQRSTUVWXYZABCDEFG groups.

This is how a culture dies from within.

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No, they should be almost elected senators instead.

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Sitar(3682) Clarified
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Ooh, burn. Roy Moore you are refering to?.......................................................

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• Democrats support no restriction abortions!

• ...but her emails!

• Hogwash!

• Jesus love're going to burn in hell!

• You fools!

• You spew lies and deception as always!

• Anti-Christian bigots!

• Republicans can do no wrong!

• Democrats can do no right!

• I masturbate to Donald Trump!


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Sitar(3682) Disputed
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Prove your claims, or close your teeth................................................................................................

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I really don't think it would help. I can see some good reason for it, but I'm also concerned that we'd get some innocent ones along with the guilty. Repeat offenders, genetic evidence...things like that, then yes.

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