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Convince me to vote for Joe Biden


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When Burritolunch was asked for any reason to vote for Biden, he couldn't come up with even one thing. aheadofTrumpinthepolls#arg1033046

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someone must have hit you with the idiot stick

your diagnosis as a retard is pretty legit

you always come up with the shittiest shit

to try to demonize the left but you can miss me with it

cause I don't wanna hear your incessant putrification

you fondled Trump, grabbed his breast and lubed up his anus

you're useless, its blatant

your IQ is adjacent

to the IQ of a plankton

whereas my IQ would equal the whole crew of a spaceship

usin' the statements

of nazis as if they're truth, its just shameless

is there nothing you won't do for a payment?

or to pursue the relations

with Trump conducive to gayness?

he filled you up with goo and your taint ripped

Nom points out abuses of language

and he may be grammar obsessed, ruthless and wankless

but at least he doesn't lure kids to screw in his basement

like you, ignoramus

Side: Trump