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 Cory Booker: Trump supporters are "Despicable" (4)

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Cory Booker: Trump supporters are "Despicable"

In the midst of this impeachment inquiry talk, it is easy to forget that other 2020 presidential candidates are still trying to latch on to whatever media coverage they can get. It seems that Sen. Cory Booker of New Jersey has decided that the latest "evidence" against the president shows him that his supporters who "enable" him are despicable. Booker's comments were made to MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell on Tuesday night after Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi announced a formal impeachment inquiry.
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Democrats like Cory Booker may claim to want unity but then take every chance they get to demonize the American voter. It's pathetic.

Democrats like Cory Booker do not realize that speaking down to American voters is no message that people want to hear.

When it comes to Republicans who elected Trump for all the great things he is doing, Democrats call us deplorable, dispicable, irredeemable, and put the blame on us for whatever Trump accomplsihes.

It's funny how every Progressive on this site denies supporting No Restriction abortions of viable babies that do feel pain, when voting for Democrats who vow to keep it legal. So it's not their fault when they elect extremists, but when Republicans elect Trump, we are deplorable. That's as clear as mud!

So lets see... hmmmm... Liberals are once again complete deceptive hypocrites, and are guilty of everything they judge Conservatives for.

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Cory Booker can't get enough support to keep running because he's a dumbass even to the snowflakyiest of snowflakes.

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Cory Booker can't get enough support to keep running because he's a dumbass even to lunatic leftists.