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Could Amy Winehouse been saved?

This is not an typical debate of mine.


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Could she? Of course, but she refused to take the steps that would have led to to a longer life.

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Agreed. She did a numerous amount of drugs and acted irresponsibly and is now dead.

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She had the all avenues of recovery from drugs and alcohol, but unfortunately, she refused it, she even wrote this refusal in one of her songs called "Rehab". Therefore, she had to take responsibility for her decision, and it was death.

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It is sad that someone would take their own life and mock death like she did. They say be careful for what you wish for. I believe she wished death on herself...didn't care and she got her wish.

I feel bad for her family....but this came as no shock to them. They probably are relieved. I watched her last performance and it was pathetic.

Could she have been saved.......I would like to think yes...but her actions and music told a different story.

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You can only help those who want it. Her song Rehab clearly stated that she didn't think there was a problem.

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Maybe a year ago, she could have been. But, in the run up to her death, the poor girl just couldn't see any light at the end of the tunnel and was spiraling out of control. No one could have helped her at that point, and death seemed inevitable. She should have been saved earlier, such a waste of sheer talent <3

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