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Could This Society Succeed?

There'll be a tl;dr for lazy bums at the bottom of this description.

Recently I've been wondering whether there is an ideology which would ultimately succeed as being the unfifying force for humanity. Marxism is a great idea, with everyone united and working for the same cause. A society where everyone is given the opportunity to succeed if they contribute, and one that discourages greed. However, history shows us that Marxism is easy to corrupt, and usually ends up with  power in the hands of the elite while the ones contributing are starved, both literally and figuratively.

Capitalism too is a great idea. People make themselves, and can live as close to an independent, individualistic life possible. In capitalism, the true power of human competition, innovation and determination is highlighted. But capitalism faces major problems with corporations expanding to the point where they influence government and kill the market. Truly free markets are also not immune to flaw (I know prayerfails, it must be hard to believe). A truly free market is full of hitmen, where everything is for profit. The poor will be leeched off of, and abandoned as if they were gum on someone's shoe. Imagine if the G4 security fiasco before the Olympics occurred in a country with no government intervention. The results would be horrifying.

Then there's whether government should be large or small. Large government offers security to all, but punishes success through tax, and is less productive. Small government sees productivity increase, but can see large amounts of the population sniped off by ruthless businessmen, who don't have an obligation to help the people. 

With all these complicated things, I was thinking that the best answer may be the most simple. What is the most simple, fundamental tenant of one how should live their life? The golden rule:

Do unto others as you would have them do to yourself

Could we not have a society operate fully functionally based on that sole principle? No markets, no government, no corporations, no coercive entities to take control. A completely voluntarist society where people help each other because they get help back. This has never been tried in the civilised world, only tens of thousands of years ago, before we even had the brain power to come up with the golden rule. Surely, with our 21st century minds, we could make this work without resorting to tribalism?

Tl;dr: Could a society with no markets, governments, or any coercive entities succeed if it was based solely around the golden rule?


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I was thinking the same thing recently and came to the conclusion it could not or is a least as flawed as the other forms mentioned. One of the issues is that the golden rule kind of breaks when what one person wants done to themselves is not what others would want done to them. For example a thiest may like to be baptized but that does not mean he should go around baptizing others but the golden rule "requires" it.

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