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Could a parent ever be morally justified in letting their child starve to death?


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If you don't work and believe in God and do whatever I tell you I have the right not to give you dinner if you came out of my conservative dick hole.

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RustysGoblin(97) Disputed
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You mean out of Marx's cornhole.

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Yes, if it were morally justified to let children starve to death then it would be morally justified for a parent to let their child starve to death. Seem tautological? Welcome to morality, the practice of affirming as valuable the things you already value.

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Heck no. I can't think of a single reason why a parent would ever be justified much less morally justified in letting their child starve to death. Can you provide examples or expand?

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Nom1(17) Disputed
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Killing a baby in the womb?

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Mint_tea(4089) Disputed
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The baby gets its nutrients from the mother's bloodstream, would she not be starving as well?

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