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Could have the Axis won WW2?

Could the Axis powers win WW2 if they had a little more luck and better leadership?


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I think if the Axis didn't invade the Soviet Union, they would have won WW2, but they would eventually collapse due to the combined forces of Soviet Union and USA would probably invade them. They would be very worried and they would build up their armies and liberate Europe. So even if the Axis invaded UK and won there, it would eventually (Probably) collapse. (I'm only writing about the European theather, not considiring Japan.)

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No. Their conventional forces could have been eventually overcome by the allied forces of America, U.K., Canada, Australia,India and the resistance organizations within the conquered nations of Europe.

But before that happened the United State's atomic bomb would have brought the Axis powers to their knees.

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Something I wouldn't normally read, but I liked how you felt about it. Thanks for putting together something worth reading

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They already had Luck and the support of the USA. They soundly lost.

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