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Could you live without Blue Jeans?


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Would be a great loss but they are here to stay.

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I live in the tropics and only wear shorts.

I neither own a pair of jeans nor need to own them

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Yep, same situation here .

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I can just simply find another color because it's a ton.

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SecondChance(10) Disputed
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There are plenty of colours, I will agree, however, out of ten pairs about seven are a different variation of blue.

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I don't wear blue jeans, so, I can do without them. They mean nothing to me.

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There are so many types of clothing materials that nonody will care a damn if its gone

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Yes... I think so.. As long as you have other colour jeans to wear.. Or buy black jeans.. Simple

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I hate blue jeans. Too heavy. I wear shorts in the summer and khaki or dress pants in the winter. Or sweats on a day off or at the gym.

I ain't no cowboy, or live in the West. I'm a city guy from Detroit. We see a guy in blue jeans and usually think "hick." LOL.

So yeah they could all be burned tomorrow and I wouldn't give a flip.

But I DO like the look of a nice tight faded pair of jeans on a young woman with a nice butt. Especially those low rider jeans. But where I live I noticed the trend for women now seems to be those yoga pants. They are a God send for women, huh? They say they're comfortable, and plus they stretch, for those bloaty gassy 'fat" days that all women seem to have.

PLUS, they're also black, which is good for hiding those stains from, well, you know, "down there."


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