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Country or rock?


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I think country music has come a long way in the last ten years or so and even though I love rock and most genre's except rap, I do listen to more country than I ever did before. So I'll opt in for country since no one else probably will, lol!

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Country is just better. for people who think rock gets you moving country can do the same. Country is not just shouting random words. That's rock for you, just yelling, that's it. For those who think country is all about love its not. Most of it is about love. At least country has meaning. Country is just better. Country has freedom and tells a story. ROCK IS JUST SHOUTING RANDOM WORDS!!!


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I support my country through hell or high-water, even if a rock tries to smash it I will not back down.


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Not even close. Country is one of the few genres I cannot stand at all. Rock is definitely where it is at (mostly)!

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Country music should probably burn.

...Yeah. 50 characters.

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what kind of question is this. This is like asking Basketball or Botcha - one is for regular people, the other is for the retarded

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Better guitar solos. Better singing. Less annoying.

I have listened to some descent rock that had a little country vibe to it. So it's not black and white, but I choose rock for the most part.

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This is one of the easiest decisions of my life. I live for rock- any type. I love all types of rock! \m/>.<\m/

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oh yeah rock!!! rock picks me up after a bad day.. i can always count on rock!!

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I prefer Rock music because it is loud and really gets me moving.

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