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 CreateDebate Damage Control! Leaderboard Gone! RIP (6)

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CreateDebate Damage Control! Leaderboard Gone! RIP

Create debate is in damage control.
With an obvious lack in regular or new uses the website has removed it's leaderboard.
An extremely small circle of users, with multiple accounts and lacklustre content have dried up the swamp.
Instead of flopping around in the open, these fish choose to have a little dignity. 
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1 point

RIP Brontoraptor.

The king is dead,

long live the king.

Or let the empire crumble.

1 point

I can see the leaderboard. No one cares about the leaderboard.

-1 points

We didn't...but nobody reported it until now .

-1 points

It is being worked on ...

krugenford(21) Disputed
1 point

It is being worked on ...

You should work on banning the right people you insufferable prick.

Lol. Your website literally has less than six active members. The only reason you let bronto and Amarel abuse sock accounts so much is so it looks like you have some traffic.

You fat, sweaty dickhead.

Dermot(5796) Disputed
2 points

If you’re so upset about C D why do you need 30 odd accounts to stay on ......Your “ insults “ are not even funny just childish drivel