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This site is rocking...

But i want you to suggest some revolutions to this site to make site a bee hive of honey!

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The Debate sites are getting increased but yet, our site is best of the best.

One improvement that i suggest is that:

The contests that it creates are not so very attractive.

It must have children's competition so that it can encourage the children's participation...

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What sort of contests would you like to see that would be more attractive?

Side: Contests
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One thing I don't like is how every comment made adds to whatever side they do it on. It could be something completely stupid I could write, yet it would mean it's a point.

I think we need some formal debates like (I like it's layout) every now and again where you can have a serious debate rather than leave comments here and there (which I also like to do) and where you have aneutral panel vote for which side has the best argument... not which side they are on.

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