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That's so awesome! I'm so glad you like the site enough to help Andy like this! And a wiki? That's a cool way to hopefully spread word about the site :)

Good to see you again Saurbaby. How was the long ass hiatus?

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Eh, it's been a bit of a rough year for me actually. Things are starting to look up though :) Thanks though, I'm glad to drop by and see a few familiar users.

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Interestingly enough, we had a wiki on wikipedia but it was deleted this past year. Interstingly enough, they don't base the criteria for a page on social interest or value, but popularity via internet searches.

I need help with the website however. If a couple people could help me manage the site and formulate some topics and pages, I would be in your debt.

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I would be interested in doing so.

Nice job.

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If I have time, I will try to contribute to the wiki! Looks interesting.

That's pretty cool. I didn't know making wiki pages were free. That's pretty amazing. What will you out on it?

debates from the site, people from the site, etc.

Oh, I like that even more. How would you know who to feature? Just ask them or just post it? hen would debates work the same way?

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I managed to hyperlink to the site... and then got totally confused by the layout and where one is supposed to put what information. o.O If anyone wants to give me 101 Wiki for Dummies or put up a skeleton format I will find some time to fill in some additional info... but I do not want to make it a total mess because I do not know what I am doing.

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Thanks so much animedude639! I really appreciate it. I will go out and update as much as I can.

here is a first pass at some things to mention:

Owned & Moderated by Andrew Dondlinger @addltd

Up and running since early 2008 (Private Beta Launch on February 20, 2008; public beta April 28th, 2008)


For/Against Debates:

Two sides - all members can offer arguments, respond to arguments, and up-vote/down-vote arguments.

Perspective Debates:

Because sometimes there are more than two sides to an argument/discussion.

Challenge Debates:

One on One debate; You can challenge a specific user or leave as an open challenge for someone to accept.

Debate Communities:

Have a classroom or an organization that wants to debate certain topics, create a debate community.


Want a way to show support for an idea (or apparently advertise cialis and payday loans)?

Here's a video on how to get started

Spotlight series:

Where people can talk about the highlights or lowlights they have had with members that have been around for a while (have over 1,000 points).

First in the series

Snappy Awards: (named after 'Snappy Answers to Stupid Questions Series' by Al Jaffee at Mad Magazine.)

Users determine the categories and vote for the winners. Think you are the funniest, pithiest, or the most persuasive - you may just win a t-shirt.

2014 Results

Other things to mention:

Members can send messages to other members.

Members can designate other members as enemies or allies.

Debate creator can ban members from a specific debate.

Points accumulate when a member creates a debate, posts an argument, or when their arguments get up-voted.

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why do you need wiki ?

JustIgnoreMe(4290) Clarified
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I think they are hoping it will be an additional vector for getting more traffic (and therefore more members) on the site.

Noxter(92) Clarified
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Yes, but what sort of Wiki it suppose to be? Like a tiny clone of Wikipedia?