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What would happen if we dropped an atomic bomb on Cuba?

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We do not use atomic bombs anymore. We use something called an ICBM (Inter-Continental Balistic Missle). If we did we wold kill thousands perhaps millions of people for no reason.

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I would make sure that those responsible for doing so will be punished, harshly.

There's no actual reason to do so, and no logic will come even if we went to war with Cuba. they're a small island with limited weaponry and equipment because of the embargo.

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It would kill every one and the fall-out would most probably hit the states like Florida, Tennessee and such, not to mention the smaller islands in the Carribean and South Atlantic. It would be a terrible thing Andrew. All vegetation would go along with that. Why Cuba?

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Are you sure about Tennessee? It is not that close. I don't think the fallout will get past Georgia.

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now why would anyone want to do that? You left a scar on the Far East now you want to leave a scar on the far west.

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