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Hadrian(483) Banned
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There are no "bad" words, only words that offend some people. I raised my daughter with the understanding that it is OK to "swear", but not OK to swear at someone.

Also, she needed to be careful when and where and around whom she was swearing, or things could get all kind of fucked up.

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kmac(50) Banned
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i am totally agreeing with you that is the way my parents raiseed me also.

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Sulith(508) Banned
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What the "Fuck" kinda debate is this? (Joking)

The word "Fuck" probably considered the most vulgar word used, used to mean a person who committed adultery but this of course was thousands of years ago.

And wasn't spelled or pronounce the same way of course.

Back in the Old West words like "Shucks" were considered cussing.

Cussing changes all the time I bet in a couple years "Fuck" isn't going to be considered a Cuss word and have a completely different meaning.

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I don't really see what the problem is. Many people consider different words to be cuss words. Who ever decided that we would have cuss words anyway? It's just a word. we shouldn't just take it out of our vocabulary because someone thinks that it offends them.

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Profanity are just words. Words are given meaning by man. Man is flawed. Thus, profanity can be tolerable, but some chose not to.

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Hell yeah! Oh sorry, excuse my language.


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I think 'swearing' is fine as long as you're with people who won't really uh, mind. I don't think anyone should mind, but that's no reason to act like that in front of everybody. Especially if I'm going to end up getting my ass kicked for it.

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It depends how you use them,if you use them to make people laugh than yes

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I will and always will be against people using bad words and also in my opinion I think it's very immature and I know for a fact that the world would be more of a better place without it (point blank).

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kmac(50) Disputed Banned
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well it has been around for centuries and it's not going anywhere so you just need to get used to it. there is absoultly nothing wrong with cursing ...only if your not cursiong at someone.

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Well it is wrong period I really wish that the things our forefathers talk about was still up to date...................................

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