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Customer service?

A while ago, I was applying to a job.  I read that they wanted employees who would serve customers with *"heart and soul,"* and realizing I had neither of these things I had a question for you people...  Do you actually want customer service to be bubbly and friendly, with chit-chat and the like, or would you prefer polite but reserved service?  For example, would you prefer "evening sir, may I take your order" or "Howdy partner!  Hows it going?  Having a good time I hope?  Which of our delicious mains could I interest you in?  Is this your first time here?"  

I actually overheard some girls talking about how nice it was how talkative the staff were at some cafe, and I could believe people actually thought this way.

I think you know what I'd prefer, and I think you know I didn't get that job.


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I think it depends on the person. I am very eccentric, so I like theatrics. Nevertheless, i don't expect it or demand it.

But many people just want their coffee and to get to their seat quickly to plug into the wi-fi and disappear.

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Friendliness is nice, but not necessary.

What I want is service from a person who:

1) ...Takes the time and attention to determine what I want/need. This is critical to efficiency, to quality, to getting me whatever I am there for.

2) ...Treats my problem, needs, etc. as important. This not only feeds my ego, but is critical to number 1.

3) ...Clearly thinks the task, however small or incidental is important. This goes beyond supporting numbers 1 & 2. It matters to me that people gain some sort of fulfillment and satisfaction from what they do. ANY job can be a path to self-actualization.

4) ...Clearly is good (ideally an expert) at the job. I really enjoy watching competence. It gives me hope for the world.

5) ...Is respectful, polite, and, (ideally) friendly. It is really nice when the person is both likeable and likes me. This is not critical, but with all the interactions we have with strangers in modern society, a veneer of real (NEVER contrived) personal contact is comforting. This is not of critical importance to me, but it DOES contribute to making the world happier.

Every job I have ever had included an element of customer service. I have been a groundskeeper, a drum maker, a salesman, a cook, a janitor, a teacher, a shopping cart attendant, a cashier, a Child Protection Services Investigator, a technical writer, and a project manager. In all these jobs, I derived immense satisfaction from meeting my client's/customer's needs, and making their lives better.

In some of these jobs, I could not always provide what people needed, but I could make sure they had reason to feel important as people, and satisfied by the nature of the interaction, if not the outcome.

Friendliness helps with that.

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