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Alright I'm about to hit you with some facts. BAM! 1 out of every 4 animals on earth is a beetle, the goliath beetle can weigh more than 2 lbs, adult beetles have two sets of wings, songs with less than 100 beats per minute can increase cow milk production by 3 percent, and George Washington did not graduate from Yale. Consider yourself an expert on beetles now.

No but it's pretty fucking cool.

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I think that's really cool. And I'm sure this will evolve into many future medical applications. And then ultimately will unleash the Borg on the world - which is inevitable anyway - so meh.

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Sorry, but how could it be seen as unethical? It's a friggin beetle, and that technology has major applications to improve life everywhere.

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what is amazing is how old this is the tech for this has been around for a long time the peanut gallery stands in awe of new elements on the periodic sorry that was rather crass and trailer parkey ....this is cool but you just wait till you get a load of gene manipulation that will give humans the boost of animal eyesight and speed on and so on...I know you probably don't believe me but what do you think stem cell research is for ....overriding blue prints with new additions to your cell replication......anyhow enjoy this is cool