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 Damn how much of that White Racist toilet paper do the Democrats need (3)

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Chinaman(2951) pic

Damn how much of that White Racist toilet paper do the Democrats need

When did toilet paper become such a precious commodity for the Loony Left ?
And how much toilet paper does the Loony Left use on a daily basis ?
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Did the Democrats need all that white toilet paper during the H1N1 virus ?

Why do Democrats think wiping your ass has something to do with the China Red Virus?

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Are you well ?

Chinaman(2951) Clarified
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Does capitalism work or what there alt Brit account. Why do you Leftist need white racist toilet paper to keep you from getting the Wuhan.

BlaireWhite(38) Clarified
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You are kind of nutty aren't you? I am conservative btw .

Chinaman(2951) Clarified
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Sure i am well but the Democrats are not well unless they have their white racist toilet paper to fend off the Wuhan.

Well, considering they spew crap out of both ends, they use at least twice as much as the rest of us. So, at least 2X as much if not more.

That was easy and you're welcome.

Chinaman(2951) Clarified
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Democrats are going to have to figure out their toilet paper math but that will be to confusing for them.