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 Damn how much of that White Racist toilet paper do the Democrats need (11)

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Damn how much of that White Racist toilet paper do the Democrats need

When did toilet paper become such a precious commodity for the Loony Left ?
And how much toilet paper does the Loony Left use on a daily basis ?
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Well, considering they spew crap out of both ends, they use at least twice as much as the rest of us. So, at least 2X as much if not more.

That was easy and you're welcome.

Chinaman(3570) Clarified
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Democrats are going to have to figure out their toilet paper math but that will be to confusing for them.

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Did the Democrats need all that white toilet paper during the H1N1 virus ?

Why do Democrats think wiping your ass has something to do with the China Red Virus?

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Are you well ?

Chinaman(3570) Clarified
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Does capitalism work or what there alt Brit account. Why do you Leftist need white racist toilet paper to keep you from getting the Wuhan.

BlaireWhite(38) Clarified
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You are kind of nutty aren't you? I am conservative btw .

Chinaman(3570) Clarified
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Sure i am well but the Democrats are not well unless they have their white racist toilet paper to fend off the Wuhan.

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mrcatsam(663) Clarified
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Gestapo Covid rules? Except I think you're missing the point of Covid rules which is to keep people from getting sick and dying. The Gestapo, from what I recall, tried to kill people so you better do something about your mucky logic.

Though it certainly seems as if the Gestapo has invaded your country seeing the shocking death toll.

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If you look up hypocrite in the dictionary, one of the words pertaining to it's meaning would be Democrat.

That being false is the least of your crimes. It is also a platitude and you apparently didn't attend school for long enough to learn that we don't use possessive apostrophes in pronouns.

As we see with almost everything they say and do... THEY ARE HYPOCRITES!

Repetition minus evidence. I see that a lot from you. Also from Hitler.

When it comes to judging and preaching and shaming anyone who does not follow their Gestapo Covid rules, we find out that they themselves are the biggest offenders.

Gestapo Covid rules like banning Muslim immigration and wanting to annex Mexico? Oh no wait, that's your lot. Trying to conflate protecting people's lives from the imminent threat of death as "Gestapo rules" is just about the sheer level of madness we all have come to expect from you on this site my friend. The last crisis of this scale wiped out a third of the European population, which makes it an absolute joke that you refer to yourself as "pro-life".

When it comes to their non stop ranting

You beat them every time?

they are the cheapest most tax exempt hypocrites on the planet.

Well, no, because I guarantee they all paid more than 750 dollars in income tax, unlike your Fuhrer, who we now know did not.

When it comes to caring for our most vulnerable defenseless children

Another deliberate abuse of language, which actually seems to be a pattern you repeat a lot. The unborn are either embryos or they are fetuses. They are not children. Children are at a different stage of development which you are trying to confuse with the actual stage of development in order to make your ridiculously insane beliefs more credible.

Not only that

Not only what? You are five paragraphs deep and you haven't made a single coherent point about anything. You are literally just ranting against Democrats.

Biden says he wants to end the Hyde Amendment protecting Americans from paying to kill babies.

I have never heard of the Hyde Agreement (then again I'm not American) but I can guarantee this is yet another misuse of language where you purposefully mislabel a fetus as a baby.

They spit on diversity

Lol. Oh, it's the Dems that do that. Right. Remind us again who banned Muslim immigration? While you are there remind us who voted against gay marriage for several decades?

If you are a Conservative on Social media, you will be censored for your opinions.

A third misuse of language. Giving your opinion has never gotten anybody banned from social media. You are conflating giving an opinion with the deliberate spread of false information. Spreading false information on social media is not the same thing as giving an opinion. Are we clear about that now?

If you are a part of religion, you will be singled out and denied gatherings

And false. Everybody has to follow the same rules. What you don't like is that throwing a temper tantrum doesn't get you special treatment. Indeed, it is nauseating to me that you even think of yourself as a Christian, given that you and your beliefs represent the total opposite of what the Bible says Jesus wants for us.