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DanaForSatan Who Are You!?!?

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3 points

I could honestly care less who it is so long as they put on a good show.

I could less, but it is likely the nutjob known as DanaforYeshua/Ismaila.--------

Troy8(2431) Clarified
1 point

I believe you mean that you couldn't care less.

lupusFati(790) Clarified
1 point

Not really, no. Since I really could care less .

1 point

Her name's Dana and she has an affirmative position towards Satan.

Nah I have no idea. Who really knows at this point...

1 point

Not me. Probably Prodigee or some neo con I pissed off. .

I am Dana don't you know me blushes.

1 point

I don't know maybe it's Her getting points because She is a point whore.

Lol you must know a lot about Her to say that lol.

0 points

Dana is always acting like some sort of spitting daemon. I don't think its surprising that she is a Satanist.

Sitara(11082) Disputed
1 point

I am not a Satanist. .

Atrag(5550) Disputed
1 point

Then why did you start an account called DanaForSatan?