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Dana Claims Burrito Hates Free Speech, Then Bans Him For Speaking Freely


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Because you banned me first, and slandered me, calling me a rapist, saying I was never raped, when I actually was, and it's none of your damn business, lying hypocriss. Beseme, culo.

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Because you banned me first

I ban everybody who refuses to acknowledge when their argument has been crushed because those people are not well in the mind and should not be using a debate site.

and slandered me, calling me a rapist

You are a rapist. You are a fat, sausage-fingered rapist hypocrite who thinks she has the right to harass others and tell lies with complete impunity. Welcome to payback.

saying I was never raped, when I actually was

No you weren't. You are a liar Dana. You are someone who tells lies for attention and to elicit sympathy from other people. You have already slipped up and admitted you are a virgin so to keep up the pretense after that error is just plain stupid.

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You ban everyone, who verbally, whoops, your candy ass. Yu are a lying slanderer. Carry on, ma'am.

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Hootie is absolutely right. I have the right to believe whatever I want Dana, and you can't stop me because I have freedom of speech.

You are a fat rapist predator so dream on like Aerosmith.

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