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Dating and Relationships

A and B have been dating for about a month. 
They are both very much attracted to each other. 
Neither of them are dating anyone else.

After the first date, B told A that they think A is extraordinary, rare and perceptive. They said they were happy and exited and had butterflies when A kissed them.

After the third date, A told B that they have never felt this way about anyone before and this is quite frightening. 
All along, A and B got on well with each other. 

One day, they just stopped talking.

(The last time they saw each other, they both hugged and kissed and neither of them would've thought that they would stop talking all together, especially so soon, without any explanations..)

Why do you guys think this would happen?

Feel free to include personal experience or hypothetical scenarios.

(to avoid gender bias, i have not specified which one of A or B is male or female)
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this has happened to a friend of mine once as well.

i've seen (although far from studied) the accepted explanation from psychological theory on relationship breakdown, which is that this happens when the relationship is too much to maintain compared to the benefit received. depending on the motives, this theory may actually hold some validity here.

As far as i can be bothered with it, either or both of A and B may have had external priorities or commitment difficulties or some property of the other may have been intolerable. A or B may also have lied over what they said to the other.

but my personal answer would be that A/B/AB lost interest in the other or perhaps even the idea of a partner at that time, and may still. or perhaps they've regained that interest, but it would be too awkward to resume the relationship.

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Probably A and B had a love relationship without seeing also one to another as friends.

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