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Dear white people


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White people

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Dear White people....

Stop fighting racism with more racism.

That goes for all you black people too.

In fact, that goes for everybody.

Ya'll racist

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OP: What constitutes whiteness?

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Racist identitarian ideologue or troll? Either way, no intellectual content here.

Imagine if you were locked in a room with a beautiful member of the opposite sex and they kept calling you a rapist. Eventually you'd probably rape them because they were going to call you one whether you were or not. By constantly calling white people bigots you eliminate the cost of being an actual bigot and make people think "oh I'm a bigot am I? well I'll show you some real bigotry!"

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PeterJoseph(77) Clarified
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I have had some bad experiences with BLM as well as "black israelite" and "melanin theory" type people. So I know exactly what you mean. It made me look into all their claims, and then look into the claims of white supremacists who where responding to the black racists. In the end I have reached the astonishing conclusion that they are all fundamentally full of shit, but a less intelligent person could easily be driven to racism and bigotry when constantly faced with racism and bigotry. This is the reason many blacks have developed racist beliefs about whites.

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Mint_tea(4273) Clarified
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That's an interesting perspective and I can't say I fully disagree with it. We often hear, when someone is explaining why they hate a certain group their first response is usually something to the effect of "they started it".

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