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Anything is possible! Waste of breath!
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Debate: Worth the time?

Is debate helpful or just vanity?

Anything is possible!

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Waste of breath!

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If it wasn't for debate and discourse no progress would have ever been made.

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It's true. Maybe if we were to single out online debates, those are likely a waste of breath. They tend to be competitions of who can type the loudest.

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Plus c'est la même, plus ça change.

In other words, even when people refuse to change their positions in a heated debate, they are constantly refining and readjusting aspects of their beliefs, which are the baby steps of enlightenment within an individual.

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I think the idea of debate and debating is an incredible tool in the shaping of people and developing themselves as people. i think its a natural process to form and develop ideas and as we all know, everyone is different and thinks in different ways. Debate is never a waste of time because even though obviously great things have come out of conflicting views, i dont think you could ever say that it is not good for a person to express views and debate ideas. like i say, it makes us us! its natural!

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A debate is only worthwhile if both parties have reasonably well-developed thinking skills.

Most people, however, aren't in this category. Advertisers aim their commercials at persons with elementary-school thinking ability for a practical reason. Most citizens are in this category.

CreateDebate says it is a "social tool based entirely on participation and democracy". It follows that most debate will be conducted at a low level.

For a debate to be useful, the debaters need to be knowledgeable. A doctor knows more about health issues than an auto mechanic. The mechanic knows more about car maintenance than a doctor. If there is a debate about religion, the principle debaters should have studied religions and know more than the man-in-the-street. Unfortunately, most debates are between people with strong opinions but little knowledge.

You, the reader, are of course the exception! :-)

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Devil's advocate here. Debate--especially online--is a futile effort to convince others while they themselves are attempting to convince you. With everyone busy talking, no one listens, nothing is learned, and no progress is made. Rather than wasting time debating, we should be out learning about the world, experiencing truths, and establishing for ourselves why our prejudices exist as they do.

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I definitely agree that a lot of the debate on this site ends up as a whole lot of separate people putting forward their own argument and ignoring everyone else's (or picking at technicalities of how the debate title is phrased). Equally, a lot of "proper" debates can get distracted by accusations that this or that is a fallacy or wouldn't work economically or whatever.

However, I think debate is one of the best ways to learn to communicate, to learn to question principles, and to learn to apply logic.

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Though I voted you up, I think the time is not entirely wasted. It's our moment to share.

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