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 Debate: Do we owe the Global Poor Restitution or Assistance? (4)

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Debate: Do we owe the Global Poor Restitution or Assistance?

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My problem is only with the word "owe". Owe implies a debt which has to be paid and no that's not the case. But if you take that word out of it and simply appeal to the need for human kindness in support of our members who are in dire need then yes I'm in favor of human kindness, whether in the form of governmental assistance or private endeavors.

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Then Jesus, beholding him, loved him, and said unto him: "One thing thou lackest, Go thy way, sell whatsoever thou hast and give to the poor and thou shalt have treasure in heaven; and come, take up the cross and follow me." (Kinda recommending socialism???)

And he was sad at that saying, and went away grieved, for he had great possessions.

If you are a Christian, you OWE the global poor. If you are a human being, you owe the global poor because THEY are also human and the more we help THEM the more we improve humanity.

OR! We can embrace the hypocrisy of greedy conservatism and KEEP ALL of our "great possessions" .

KNHav(1957) Disputed
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No, Jesus is not socialism. Socialism values this worlds goods in equal distribution, and has an agenda of purpose according to men. Men are evil, so why would anyone want men to rule them? Satan rules through evil men. People are sooooo deceived!

I'm pretty sure the men at the top will be fed well and fed wealth to their hearts are selfishly full! Socialism is slavery, the populolus feed the desires of their rulers, good luck!

Jesus said you serve one of two masters. Socialism is serving the gods of mammon. It feeds greed, and assigns slavery to the masses to feed it. So in that sense socialism is a slave trade business.

Your work will go to feed the evil god of power hungry greedy men, and then you will know the difference, maybe.

Socialism is a regime to enslave its subjects to the greed of mammon, they will have to feed those in charge as slaves working for the good of the regimes on top.

They may make you feel good about it, but in everyday life the pain of poverty will be driven to work with even less relief than now. As its greedy evil leaders are also slave to mammon, slaves to take never satisfied.

From croney Capitalism, to regimes thatlive for power, to the peasants who have been subdued by a wicked socialist regime, they each are slaves of socialism, they all are slaves driven by mammon for themselves or to be offered to feed the head of the beast.

Jesus message wasnt socialism. It was individualism. It was standing out, while everyone else goes the path of collectivism.

Being as one in light is not collectivism.

The greatest wealth is the wisdom of God. There is plenty and abundance in God. The decaying world's goods rust and decay, and shepherds who dont care for the sheep break in and steal. They are breaking in and stealing right before our eyes Obamas and Clintons and EU etc... becoming one with socialism entropy is becoming one with darkness. And darkness is descending to the pit.

Socialism is one world government and one world religion. We already know that the mark of the beast is collectivism in evil regime, that will look like it promises peace and safety, but in the end brings great tribulation like never seen before.

So I dont think it will bring what people are deceived and brainwashed to think of its outcome. On the contrary it is binding with chains and freedom will be an illusion. As slavery becomes the accepted norm.

The point is there are only two forces to be one with, darkness or light. Jesus said, He sets free, and we are free indeed. He talks about His yoke being easy and His burden light.

And He talks about the burdens placed on those who lack knowledge and understanding, Jesus discusses men who sit at the head of the table, and appear like sheep but are wolves.

Jesus warns of the burdens they place on others, but they themselves are unwilling to carry those burdens.

Now this sounds like socialism!

Look at the Catholic regime of the dark ages, they plundered ownership to feed pope and state, while the subjects fed them the good and took only the crumbs!

Everyone has rations maybe, but they will limit them as they choose! See recent countries who's populus is complaining of the socialism they thought would be great.

So it is opposite of Jesus' teaching. It's darkness we are plummeting into! From freedom to slavery. The spiritual truth realized in the natural.

What Jesus meant by the verse you quote is value of things, in His kingdom you give and He gives. So we give a coat, and "cover" others. And He covers us in mercy and goodness like jewels in a crown, the crown of life. Jesus says in His Fathers house are many mansions.

We will live in abundance, there is no need to count nickles in the Kingdom of God. Because giving gives back more. In socialism there is no giving and receiving abundanctly.

There is only giving freedom in exchange for slavery, and the taking of ownwrship to the lot that isvleft over, like scraps of poverty,


AlofRI(3294) Clarified
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"Oh, what a tangled web we weave" ,when first we twist what we believe. (To fit any situation.)

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If in instances where an inequality was forcibly enacted that resulted in the detriment of one group for the benefit of another then yes restitution or assistance ought to be owed. For instance Jamaica is asking for debt forgiveness from many of the institutions that have played a role in cementing their situations due to unequal trade that was set up during slavery and so on. 1 2