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Worthy of debate. Legitimizing a falsehood.
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Debating Creationism . . .

Does debating give Creationism a voice?

Worthy of debate.

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Legitimizing a falsehood.

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The main problem here is that creationism (as well as many other theories about the universe and life in general) is mainly talked about within its group. When you go to church, you're told about how God created the universe, the earth, all the creatures, etc, etc. You're not opened up to alternative theories and you don't have a legitimate chance to voice your criticisms and take part in logical debate about the subject.

In my opinion, creationism is completely and utterly without merit. There is absolutely no evidence to support it (contrary to the enormous amounts of evidence for the big bang theory, evolution, etc), and when creationism is bought up in debate, I haven't seen a single clear and concise argument for it.

The fact of the matter is that creationism (and religion in general) should be debated as often as possible. The arguments for it just don't stand up in debate at all, and I think any reasonable person knows this. In my opinion there are two types of people who believe in creationism; those who simply don't understand the alternative, and those who know full well that it doesn't make sense but choose to believe it anyway simply because it is a part of their religion and that is that (please note here that I am not speculating on their motives, be they good or bad). Debating creationism at least allows us to focus in on the first group, give them the oppotunity to understand the alternatives (backed by evidence) and then make an educated decision about their beliefs. In regards to the second group, the most I think we can hope for is for them to at least admit that, while they might believe in creationism, it doesn't really make all that much sense.

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The more exposure creationism gets the better. When people know the facts about the baseless claims made by its adherents they'll discard it as nonsense.

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Ignoring Creationism will not make it go away.

People need to be convinced that it's incorrect and this requires debate.

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It is filed under religion, genius.

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Religion should be filed under Comedy :-P

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A writer from visited the Creation Museum in Kentucky and recorded a hilarious exploration into it's outlandish exhibits. In between the laughs he manages to make an excellent point regarding the state of the creationism debate, in that there shouldn't be one. Any debate simply gives Creationist a "disproportionately" larger voice and erroneously legitimizes a falsehood that the earth and it's people were created by God 6000 years ago.

It was somewhat of a revelation for me. We have seen over the past 8 years that all you have to do is institute a little doubt in the public consciousness and suddenly that doubt grows and spreads. Creationists don't have to win the debate, they only need smudge the theory of evolution just a little, enough to catch it with its pants down for just a moment. That will be enough to capture the minds of those who are already want to believe in creation.

Supporting Evidence: Exploring Creation Museum (
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Yeah, kinda like those people that believe that the government was responsible for 9/11 (not the terrorist).

Side: Legitimizing a falsehood.