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Debunking the newest leftist media fairytale lie

Should fact check themselves

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They lie on purpose bront

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AW JEEZ, When will Bront learn that all this yo.utube crap is put there for him to read by our "strong leader" …. um …. friends. He would find "debunking the debunkers" much more of an honest way to get the real stories.

Have you checked that crazy propaganda site for actual fairy tales from the right?? Those are the REAL "Grimm Fairy Tales". ;-)

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I skipped to a random part (because im not watching 60 minutes of this drivel). In the segment i watched he said in new zealand the buyback failed because only 10% of people turned in their guns (14:20-14:35).

What he doesnt tell you is that particular buyback gives until december 20th and only requires the turning in of semi automatic weapons and parts that convert weapons into semi automatic.

Under the buyback scheme which was brought into law in June and launched on July 13, gun owners have until December 20 to hand in semi-automatics, parts that convert firearms into semi-automatics, magazines over a certain capacity, and some shotguns.

He gives no citation whatsoever and only provides documentation of a piece by Reason about cuomo and beto o rourkes supposed gun legislation.

I was able to pick a random spot in the video and fact check a lie in under 2 minutes. A lie by omission for not telling you that the legislation has a deadline that has yet to expire and is still ongoing, and which is not comprehensive.

Just another loud mouth right wing asshole exploiting a low information audience with strawman arguments and omission of information.

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