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Delete arguement function

Do you think we should have a deleteing post/arguement function ?

It would help if the author would want to delete his/her unwanted post :]


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Considering the debate listed right after this one on the homepage is essentially "How do you wipe your ass?", yes, there should be a delete argument function. In fact, there should be a delete user function.

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DaWolfman(3322) Disputed
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Well what happens when people earn points putting up arguments like I am doing right now? If you delete your post I am commenting on then I lose this post. A delete user function wouldn't make any sense at all in the sense that if I don't like Joe I delete him so in spite of me he makes a new account and deletes my account >.> a little ridiculous don't you think?

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OMG yes! This would help me out so much. Wait.... huh.... no...., it wouldn't. Never mind ;)

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Yes it would, but we've always had that. You can also change your ending date to RIGHT NOW. Just enter todays date and time by one minute and it will stop, but not delete. No further posts will be written there.

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"Hey remember when you said this"

"no I never said that"

"...uhh.. ..yes you did"

"prove it"

"uuhh.... "

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To prevent this, we've created the "report" function. If you post something accidentally and want it to be deleted, just report it as spam to us and we will delete it. However, if it is an argument that you posted and it turns out just to be a bad argument, we likely won't delete it.

We want everyone to think about their argument and research it before posting, rather than just posting an argument on a whim and then later coming back and wanting it deleted.

Same goes for editing an argument. You can do so until someone votes on it, but once it's been voted on you can't change the argument. This is to prevent people from going back and changing an argument once it's been either up or down voted a lot.

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Exactly I do think that the delete conversation function would be nice or the edit conversation button

Like when you say something to someone and it doesn't come out right then you have to repost it again.

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The problem with that lies in their programming. Once a person responds to you in any way, your response remains. You are always free to create another post to more clearly define your former post.

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Exactly what JakeJ said, but it would work only if it allowed you to delete an argument that has an exact double. That way you're only able to delete accidental duplicates, which happens a lot. If it could just know that it has the exact same words as another argument by the same person, and there were no responses, you could delete it.

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