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Democracy is Idiocracy

 The majority makes laws that the minority (high IQ).  We would be much better off if the smartest were our leaders!  >>>Geniocracy <<<<<


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I'm on this side just because of the fact that we COULD use an intelligent leader at this time.

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Pure democracy is an idiocracy, but there are two things you may want to consider. If the public were to become much more educated and better equipped with critical thinking skills then more democracy would be viable. Also a balance is necessary, we need a system which is partially democratic but also run via a proven decision making system rather than the mere opinions and interests of individuals. On top of that, the intellectual superior should have more of a say in things but not in a way that oppresses the population, they should not have "authority" but instead be in a position to be listened to simply because they are proven to be wise while being restricted from abusing that position by various checks and balances.

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Ayemaker(237) Disputed
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I agree that pure Democracy is a non-starter, but you can't put the smart people in charge and just hope they make the right choices for everyone. This has been well proven by the military. Smart people make good strategists but not good leaders.

You just spouted some nonsense and really didn't think this through. There goes your "critical thinking". The really intelligent people are kind of disconnected from the real world. They will make decisions that look good on paper but in the real world are almost impossible to implement.

A good old general consensus will move us forward in a positive way 99% of the time.

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Democracy is Idiocracy

True. That's why we aren't a Democracy and ARE a Constitutional Republic that attempts to prevent mob rule, giving every area of the country a say.

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DragonBorn(315) Disputed
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giving every area of the country a say.

By which you mean giving the bureaucrats and wealthy class of every area a say.

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Smart people are great. I love smart people. They solve various problems in a timely manner and generally make life better for everyone. I myself, am merely above average according to standardized tests. So I won't include myself in that category.

I absolutely do not want the highest IQ people to be running the world. It would be a nightmare.

Do you think a genius like Albert Einstein could make rules for society? It would be an absolute mess. Sure he's great at building shit, and figuring out the speed of light or whatever. Do you want him figuring out what is the "optimal" amount of sleep you need per day or how many hours you should work at your job?

The smarter people get the less they are in touch with the average person. They are just above it. I don't say this in a mean way, it's just that the higher that IQ rises the less human you are. Don't get me wrong, we need that too. It just has no place in actual governance.

That's why I think an average of every voice is the best solution. It may be slow and clunky but I think it will keep the suicide rate low. Just sayin'

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xMathFanx(1743) Clarified
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it's just that the higher that IQ rises the less human you are.

Actually, one becomes more human and less mammal--so to speak. The reason being, the frontal lobes, and particularly the pre-frontal cortex, is the most advanced part of the brain (as we understand it) and separates us from the animals. Those with higher intellect have stronger frontal lobes

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Ayemaker(237) Disputed
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Uh...yeah. Did you actually read what I posted? If you did, please read it again and take it as a whole. I'm not saying that super smart people are animals. I'm saying that they are somewhat disconnected from normal "Average" Humans. They may overlook the simpler things is basically what I'm saying.

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