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 Democrat debate, a contest to see who could buy the most votes with our money! (56)

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Democrat debate, a contest to see who could buy the most votes with our money!

If you could sit through hours of these extremist Democrats (Socialists) explaining how they would outgive the others on the podium, then you need to re resgister as a Socialist. I went back and forth with the remote to see if they would ever address some serious issues such as our HUGE debt and chaos in Foreign policy, but all I ever heard was how much of our money these extremists were going to give to people who would vote for them. Now they are even FINALLY admitting how they want to give free healthcare, free college to illegal immigrants. CAN YOU IMAGINE WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO THE DEMOCRAT PARTY and other Left wing parties? I heard no questions of how they planned on paying for all these free give aways.

We now have our leaders chosen by a majority of people who pay no federal taxes, and soon people who are not even residents of this nation! When Socialists and people who mostly pay no taxes elect our leaders, the America we knew is no more. We are going bankrupt and have a Democrat Party who could care less and will spend us down the drain to get elected!

All the young ignorant voters love hearing how they can get free College, free healthcare, free free free everything because they don't yet pay the huge taxes it would take to pay for all this free stuff. Democrats spend all their time pandering to the low end voters at the expense of this once great nation. It is total irresponsibility!
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I heard no questions of how they planned on paying for all these free give aways.

Bernie Sanders expressed this at length, and has laid out a pretty clear plan. If you do some research, you can read up on the details. To summarize, his main disgust in this country is with the wealth inequality, i.e. 1% of the country owning a ridiculously high percentage of the wealth. His plan involves using money gained from taxing those with an unproportionate amount of wealth to help pay for the services he has suggested.

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Gee, that's a new one.... NOT! Where have I heard "tax the rich" by Democrats before? Only every single election of my life, that's all.

What happened these past two terms of the most Liberal president in our lifetime. Why did he not raise taxes on the Rich and stop this income gap when they had control of the Senate, the House and the Whitehouse. The income gap got worse under Obama! Why did they not overhaul out tax code and get rid of the loopholes they always talk about? The GOP has tried to overhaul our tax codes with no support from Democrats. Did you hear one word of overhauling our tax code during the debate?

Why did our national debt double?

I read where Sanders proposed about 13 trillion in spending. There are not enough taxes in the world to cover his spending. Gee i wonder where the Rich and our businesses will go when he starts raising their taxes even more. Democrats will not be happy until all of our busnesses go overseas.

The Rich already pay the vast amount of our taxes. Lets drive out the job creators and our tax revenues.... yeh, that's the Liberal way.

As usual, not one word of cutting entitlements, or social programs, or reducing medicaid costs, etc. etc. Nah, Obama wanted to add birth control, abortion, mental, vision, etc. to obamacare and force everyone to buy it. Instead of cutting costs, he sent the costs spiralling for our healthcare premiums, medicaid costs,etc.

Democrats even want to give illegal immigrants free healthcare, free college, LOLOLOLOLOLOL. People will be flocking to this nation illegally to get in on the freebies. UNBELIEVABLE and it is unbelievble there are so many people who support these extremists, especially on this site!

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Fortunately, Obama is not running. And neither Bernie Sanders nor Hillary Clinton are him.

However, there is so much opposition against taxing the rich from the Republican Party that it has traditionally been hard to make any increases on taxes, even for that 2% that has as much money as the 98% beneath them combined.

But instead of talking about the past and bias against parties, can we talk about what you believe? Do you think that taxing the 1% to fund worthwhile programs would be good or bad? It is unfortunate that politics has degraded into name calling of the opposite parties, so do you think we can talk about the issues?

In regards to the '18 trillion dollar' plan Bernie Sanders supposedly had, the news source simply misread the data and were quickly fact checked. One such example of the fact checking is here, but if you don't trust my source, feel free to do your own fact checking. Hopefully, you can find your own way to get knowledge and accurate understanding so you know who is running.

Democrats even want to give illegal immigrants free healthcare, free college, LOLOLOLOLOLOL. People will be flocking to this nation illegally to get in on the freebies. UNBELIEVABLE and it is unbelievble there are so many people who support these extremists, especially on this site!

Some do. Not all. I certainly don't think we should give illegal immigrants freebies, but it's more complicated than a 'they get nothing' situation.

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Socialism is all about fixing income inequality. What is your point?

Also his name is Bernard, not Barney. xD

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Apparently they were interested in the issues rather than arguing against each other. Issues like 32 million non-seniors still without healthcare insurance even under Obamacare. Or nearly $19,000,000,000.00 in debt with NO plan to deal with it. Or a floundering economy propped up by years of freshly printed money, now unable to raise interest rates without destroying the IRA's of tens of millions of Americans.

Oh wait ----- No lets talk about free stuff fir everyone. What could go wrong?

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Yes, what could go wrong when you pander to these sponges with their hands out. The problem is that Democrats understand very well how for decades have conditioned the electorate, telling them they are entitled to tax payer's money. Democrats understand enough people are now indoctrinated to vote for the politician who will give them the most free stuff.

The Democrat party has no caring for our nation's well being and will do ANYTHING it takes to get elected no matter the harm to this nation. The GOP is not perfect but they at least still care for our nation's well being and our Constitution.

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I didn't hear them talk about free college at all.

I tuned in for Hillary saying one thing "We can afford it, and we can make the rich pay for it." I thought that was hilarious.

They did talk about foreign policy. They argues over who could avoid war the best.

You say socialists as if that is an insult? Bernie Sanders said himself last night; look at the Scandinavian countries, look at the most well functioning countries in the world. In which countries do you see the lowest poverty rate, the lowest class distinction? It is in those countries who have used socialism to base their entire society. Bernie Sanders also said, that he was gonna demand more taxes, and that is of course how he intends to pay for health care and education.

Giving free education is an investment to the future - if you give more people an opportunity to educate themselves, you get more educated people, and thus make your country better.

You call it irresponsible, but it's not like it's different anywhere else. Look at any other country, who votes for the left wing parties? The working and poor class, the physically challenged, and the uneducated. Maybe if you gave them all a chance to educate themselves, things would be different. We realized this a long time ago in Denmark, maybe America will wake up and realize that capitalism is killing your own country.

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Capitalism isn't killing our country. You're equating cronyism with capitalism.

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FromWithin(8240) Disputed
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So tell me, what does Scandinavia do to help stop ISIS? Do they even care about anything in this world but themselves? Many of these Socialist nations are in financial trouble no matter they do little to stop evil from spreading around the world. Can you imagine if they had to spend money on a real mlitary?

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Our military politics has nothing to do with socialism, those are completely separate debates. If you wanna ask whether or not America or Denmark has a better military force, I'll give you the answer right away - America. However nobody claimed that Denmark has a better military force than America, so I'm not sure what point you are trying to make. I am saying your tax system, your general carelessness for the class inequality is reckless. If you wanna debate on that, I am happy to, although you have a talent for mixing things up, which says a lot about your debating skills, I must say.

Can you imagine if they had to spend money on a real mlitary?

As I said earlier; Denmark has an excellent military force considering its small population, we are currently fighting in Afghanistan.

FromWithin(8240) Disputed
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Superpower? You are not a superpower, you WERE a superpower, big difference.

where hard work and effort is derived from the desire of becoming wealthy and having a better life

There are over 600,000 homeless people in the United States, half of the population of your country is lower-class or poor. That is 150 million people. On top of that, because of your outrageous and straight out - crazy gun law, there are 20,000 murdered by gun every single year. The top 2% richest people in the states own as much as the 98% combined.

If you think the united states has provided a better life through hard work and effort, YOU are the one who is naive. The American Dream is dead, there is no free America, America is controlled by billionaires making sure nobody else gets a chance at screwing things up - like the vast majority of the country, which is the poor lower class.

Socialism does not spur people to work hard nor to get ahead because if they do all the work, take all the risks, their wealth is just taken by Government to fund the collective no matter how lazy they are.

I'd encourage you to look further to the Scandinavian countries. What is one of the richest countries in the world, population taken into consideration? Yes you guessed it - Norway. Other major Scandinavian companies are Maersk, Ikea, and don't forget the danish windmill organistaion, that ensures danes 60% green electricity.

Faroe Islands fish farm company, Bakkafrost, has become the 4th largest of its kind all around the world, and Faroe Islands is a nation of less than 50,000 people. Again, take a look at the countries run by socialism, we are not at all lazy, nor have we lost the will to work hard.

Why do you think these Socialist nations would even exist were it not for the might of America protecting them from the Russia's, China's, and Hitlers of the world.

That is a whole different debate, because America becoming a socialist country would not change that, and the socialist countries becoming capitalists wouldn't either, so that makes no sense at all.

Most of these Socialist nations spend very little on their military thanks to America's strength protecting

I'm not sure what you're referring to here. Denmark has an excellent military force fighting in Afghanistan. Yes, you have one of the biggest military forces but that doesn't free you from the duty of taking care of the weakest in your society.

America's econmy has prospered the world and we are seeing third world nations growing because of it.

That is a straight up lie, we are not seeing third world country grow, we are seeing Chine grow, and all other nations, including America and Europe are failing.

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The Republican ... oops, CONSERVATIVE debate, (there are few real Republicans left), is to see how many billionaires it takes to buy our CUNTRY with what USED to be OUR money! No contest, there! Vote Democratic, .... that is, if the conservatives in your area LET you vote!

We were screwed into an oligarchy once before, that put us into a depression with sweat shops and a few billionaires controlling the government! Teddy Roosevelt, a "republican" said "Enough, this is stupid!" Ol' Teddy ain't around any more, nor are there any Republicans with guts! Let's NOT get screwed again!

FromWithin(8240) Disputed
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What a fool, talkng about sweat shops? LOL, you are the mindless low end voter who votes for free handouts. GET SOME PRIDE AND SUPPORT YOURSELF! Quit asking for charity from people who actually work hard and succede.

How many decades will you listen to democrats play the class warfare and play on your lazy selfish thinking.

Tell me, after decades of hearing democrats tell you how they will stop the income gap, WHAT HAVE THEY DONE WHEN THEY HAD CONTROL OF CONGRESS AND PRESIDENCY MANY TIMES? NOTHING!

They actually have you believing they are not tied to the rich, to the billionaire Geore Soros's of the world, to their big union money, to the environmentalists, to the feminists, etc. They are tied to special interest every bit as much as the GOP

Use your welfare conditioned brain!

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Do you even have a clue that for all the back ground checks, all the being registered, all your rhetoric about keeping guns out of the hands of the mentally ill would have stopped none of our mass shootings in schools, in movie theaters, etc.

In the last shooting in Oregon, he had mental issues but was never hospitized or put in an institution. He would have passed every back ground check. The garbage spewed by gun control fanatics like yourself would do nothing about most of our mass shootings.

In our cities with the most strick gun laws, they have the most gun murders.

Don't let facts get in the way of your rhetoric.

Do you have some semblance of thought? Let me repeat.... Alcohol and cars kill far more people than guns so WHY ON EARTH do we hear nothing about these weapons of mass killings? Where is the outrage when a person can go to a bar, get drunk and drive and kill others? Where are the bans on Bars or night clubs if you SO CARE ABOUT LIVES? You would save far more lives by banning bars, and cars and alcohol then you would by banning guns. Why not force people to ride bikes to work if they ive within a certain distance if you so care about lives!

You are a mindless phony who wants his alcohol, his cars, and wants no one banning his freedoms to use both. But phonies like you have no need for guns so you are fine with banning someone else's enjoyments of target shooting or protection for his family.

Please spare me the lies of how the Left only wants assault rifles, or registrations, etc. Just as in England, they will one step at a time take our guns. Once we are all registered, they can come and collet the guns whenever the Government has become so controlling and the Left has scared everyone to fear guns.

Get out of our lives and stick to your own nation's laws. Start giving the nation that keeps your nation free, SOME RESPECT!