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 Democrat lawyer blames Trump for Epstein’s Death !!!!! LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (20)

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Democrat lawyer blames Trump for Epstein’s Death !!!!! LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, that didn’t take long. After Jefferey Epstein’s alleged suicide Saturday morning, former Democratic congressional candidate Pam Keith took to Twitter and let everyone know that Epstein’s suicide is the fault of Republicans.

Keith, a lawyer and former Navy JAG, pinned the blame squarely on Attorney General Bill Barr who serves the government of the United States which is currently being led by President Donald Trump, who is a Republican. Therefore…Republicans.

Now the Goofy Leftist has no facts but Leftist like them some Conspiracy Theories !!!!!!!!!!  

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It could be the Russians killed the Pedophile but we will have to wait for that breaking news from DNC Media !!!!!!!

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Boy that was some kind of suicide watch. His cell was newly equipped with a hanging nose, a pill bottle full of cyanide, and a loaded 45.

But the FBI cannot figure out how he was able to kill himself, when they were so closely monitoring him.........

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It is important to know that every negative occurrence in the world is the fault of Donald Trump.

For a couple of instances, the loony left would have us believe that the on going sewage problem in Burundi, to Wee Mrs. Mc Dooky's cat getting run over on the road between Atriclave and Limavady are a direct consequence of President Trump's immigration policy.

Numerous V.I.Ps, including Bill Clinton, Prince Andrew and Donald Trump have attended various dolly bird embellished gatherings but it's President Trump the loony left filth have singled out for their, predictable scurrilous attacks.

The Democrat's fathomless vindictiveness belies the old adage;- hell hath no fury like a women scorned.

The only positive feature about their endless torrent of unfounded, vindictive accusations against President Trump is that it makes them a laughing stock in the eyes of the entire world.

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Oh by the way, the local vet was able to save wee Mrs., Mc Dooky's cat.