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 Democrat logic, we can't tell a woman what to do with her body, but she can kill the baby? (6)

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Democrat logic, we can't tell a woman what to do with her body, but she can kill the baby?

The logic of this new extremist Democrat Party defies any rational thought. In order for them to cow tow to their extreme Feminist and Pro abortion base, they must first sell their very souls, defy all logic, and make ludicrous statements of how we can not tell a woman what she can do with her body.

FIRST OFF, no one wants to tell a woman what she can do with her body. We are telling her she can not tell the unborn babies what they can do with their bodies. UNDERSTAND? Am I going too fast for you? Should I use smaller words?

Newsflash, when a woman chooses to have sex without birth control, biology teaches us she might get pregnant. So after making the choice of having risky unprotected sex, she gets pregnant. Gee what a shock! We are not talking about rape pregnancies so SPARE ME!)

GUESS WHAT? There are now TWO bodies involved! No longer is it only her body, and her right to do what she wants with it (unless of course her pregnancy is life threatening).
There is now another life inside of her. A life that used to have basic human rights before the Progressive Left came along and decided to play God with innocent unborn lives, even viable lives!

Before all you deceptive pro abortion people start ranting about life of mother abortions,  or other extreme cases, DON'T!
I am not talking about extreme cases and the GOP is not trying to prevent them.

Stick to what the Democrat Party supports, which is No Restriction abortions of any and all unborn babies no matter if they are viable and healthy or not. This is what we are talking about! When you vote for these extremist Democrats, YOU are supporting No Restriction abortions!

Please stop making such ludicrous abortion excuses. It truly makes you look like the total fool. Let's try using these debate sites for intelligent conversations rather than places to spew pro abortion rhetoric from the extreme Left.

Yes I realize you want free stuff from hard working Americans, but how about just once in your life thinking of someone besides yourself when voting. Think about that viable baby who will never enjoy the life that you enjoy. You enjoy having your life protected by our laws. Those same laws should apply to all innocent life.
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Republican logic, we tell a woman what she has to do with her body but won't allow a loving family adopt an unwanted child if that family happens to be a gay couple, and doesn't want to spend more of their own money on programs to help children in need.

Consensus from just about everyone else, stop pretending like you care about women and children.

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I wonder if FromWithin ever thinks of anything else?

I'm sure she/he never considers any fact that arises AFTER a birth.

Many of those same people who are against abortion are also against contraception, putting human nature in a yuge bind! She who has a husband incapable of making over minimum wage (which many of "them" are also against), has to either "afford" the infamous (and expensive) "pill", or tell the old man to go out back and jerk off in the dumpster! Condoms are expensive too, if you are having trouble feeding the kids you already have!

THEN, on top of making contraception unaffordable, "they" shut down Planned Parenthood where they could get cheap (or free) contraception, to prevent bringing another lovable mouth to feed, care for and educate (so THEY can make over minimum wage!).

FW. Are YOU willing to pay higher taxes to take care of these "lovable mouths"? To cover their health care? To educate them so they don't add to the problems one "creates" when he can't find the dumpster?? How about a tax to support the orphanages needed to house the lovable mouths that could have been "non-creations" one way or another?? Nearly everyone has a job today, thanks to our recovery from the "worst economy since the great depression", still, there are over a million who can't afford health care, including pre and post natal! Still, you insist that, if they can't afford it, men should "use the dumpster", or women MUST "create" what they can't afford to feed OR care for …. or maybe DIE because they needed pre or post natal care that may have saved them OR the BORN or UNBORN baby! (Again, we should miss Planned Parenthood :-( )

Sometimes CHOICES have to be made! Life is sometimes (often), cruel! FACE IT! (At LEAST, pay the heavy taxes that become necessary when "creation" …. happens!) Crying about fetus's doesn't help, it hinders!

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Now we will hear from those who deny science when it tells us that the unborn baby is a living growing human life.


mosc(71) Disputed
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Deny science? What a dumb ass dogmatic stupidity. Scientists have to take a crap and pee in the toilet just like every one else.

If it looks and quacks like a duck, its a duck. Duh! When a baby has the looks and shape of a baby - its a baby whether that baby lives inside the womb of its mother or lives outside of the womb like us. Idiot.

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Forcing a mother to have a child she doesn't want is obviously not in the best interests of either. There are enough unloved children in the world already, and most of them turn out to be twisted and hateful because of it. FromWithin literally wants rape victims to be forced to have their attacker's babies, and everyone who has a problem with it is, according to his delusional mind, evil.

He's one of the militantly religious nutcases you hear about on the news who bomb abortion clinics and throw acid at the staff who work there.

TangoAndCash(14) Disputed
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There are enough unloved children in the world already, and most of them turn out to be twisted and hateful because of it.

Maybe they should own it and quit fucking breeding.