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 Democratic Socialists of America do have some Mental Issues ! (9)

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Democratic Socialists of America do have some Mental Issues !

Democratic socialists earned their ridicule this weekend after video clips from their annual convention—which showed attendees objecting to clapping, disruptive chatter, and the use of gendered language on grounds that all of these things were triggering.

One person took to the podium to thank his fellow comrades for waving their hands in the air instead of clapping, since sudden, loud noises can be harmful for the easily perturbed members of the audience.

"We have a lot of disabled comrades," he said. He reminded everyone to "avoid hissing, avoid waving banners, there's all sorts of things."

It's difficult, of course, to impose total silence on a political action conference. At one point, a convention delegate interrupted another person's speech about "defeating capitalism" to make a "quick point of personal privilege." This delegate began by reminding the audience that he uses "he/him" pronouns, and then implored: "Guys… please keep the chatter to a minimum," because he is "very prone to sensory overload." Immediately after this plea, another attendee shot back with their own point of personal privilege: "Please do not use gendered language to address everyone." This person objected to the previous speaker's use of the word "guys."

More Leftist Insanity has been again exposed !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Absolutely surreal. Leftist have become completely unhinged from reality.

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You can’t wave banners but you can wave your hands. Don’t they know that jazz hands are a trigger for everyone who’s had a stage mom? Musical Theatre PTSD.