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Democrats Don’t Hate Trump As Much as They Love White Supremacy

I’ve never really trusted the Democratic Party. Why should I? In a political system that forces us into one of two often problematic choices, it never made sense for me as a black person to decide between Kang and Kodos; in the end, they’ll both try to enslave us.

However, like most African Americans with a modicum of civic pride, I’ve occasionally voted for Democrats in order to prevent some of the most outrageous Republicans from getting their hands on power. However, watching Democrats on Capitol Hill continually fail to stem President Donald Trump’s white nationalist and authoritarian rule, especially during this manufactured child crisis at the border, has led me to a predictable, if not sobering, conclusion.

Democrats don’t hate Trump as much as they love white supremacy. That’s a pretty heavy charge against a party that got Barack Obama into office and promotes California Sen. Kamala Harris and occasionally sorta pretends to care about black women voters. Of course I don’t mean that all Democrats are white supremacists, but I do mean most, whether they realize it or not, and certainly a lot of the party leadership in Washington, D.C. Allow me to explain.

White supremacy is the belief that white people are smarter, more ethical and more capable than any other race of people (especially black folks) and should therefore control&n

They can't help it

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This is how it is

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Democrats Don’t Hate Trump As Much as They Love White Supremacy

Hello G:

Yeah... UP is DOWN, and BLACK is WHITE..



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The only people responsible for the necessity to separate children from their families are the irresponsible parents.

By definition illegal immigrants are criminals.

As such they, like all criminals are arrested when caught and remanded in custody/ detained in prison.

In keeping with the compassionate laws of the United States the children caught up in this tragedy who are only present for purposes of MORAL BLACKMAIL by their low life criminal insurgent parents are not allowed to be locked up but are instead cared for with tenderness and well meaning kindness by epertly trained professional nurses and medial staff.

The children will receive a benevolence which few, if any ever experienced with their low life parents. .

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I’ve never really trusted the Democratic Party. Why should I?

Nobody cares. You're a spectacularly dishonest neo-Nazi retard who uses this website as his own far right propaganda platform. You spam anti-Democrat propaganda here all day, use your 400 plus user profiles to cheat the voting system, and then actually have the audacity to talk about who you can trust. You are literally pathetic Bronto. A pathetic old man without a girlfriend who sits on the internet all day quoting Hitler speeches.

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